We Enjoy Getting Starbucked

This is the free $5 Starbucks card we received today. We got it for calling up Starbucks twelve days ago and pretending to be heartbroken about their inability to honor the free iced coffee coupon they accidentally emailed around the world.

Shows to go ya the power of kvetching: a caramel frappacuino. We can’t wait for our mailbox to swell with creamy, free-trade, shade-grown junk mail!


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  1. Ben Thoma says:

    Just to play devil’s advocate for a second – are you playing two wrongs to make a right here? And is that right?

    By this I simply mean that you admittedly lied in order to con a company out of money. Now it was only $5, but I am wondering where the ethics of being an aware and active consumer come in? Can we expect companies to remain honest and fair if we cannot be honest?

    Before I get ripped a new one, please remember that I pose the question as a point of discussion, not necessarily my point of view.

  2. thrillhouse says:

    I haven’t been there in quite some time, but does $5 even get you in the door at Starbucks?