Firefox: More Errors Than Internet Explorer, But Faster Solutions

The Firefox vs. Internet Explorer debates are much like the Mac vs. PC wars. Everyone seems to choose sides, and the Firefox crew proselytizes much like Mac owners do.

Now we learn that Firefox actually has more bugs and security vulnerabilities than Internet Explorer. Really.

Our shock and disappointment felt like a sucker punch to the gut. Firefox has been good to us, with fewer pop-ups, cleaner page loading, and a The pain and suffering rapidly subsided with the follow-up, though: While Internet Explorer has fewer gaping security holes, Microsoft takes NINE TIMES as long to patch each problem. Nine.

Why does a corporation the size of Microsoft take that much longer than Mozilla to fix a problem? Well, laziness comes to mind.

Bottom line: Despite a great raw number of errors in the browser, Firefox is still better at warding off attack by viruses and other nastiness than IE. Add that to your hymnbook.

Firefox Buggier, But IE Takes 9 Times Longer to Patch [Information Week]

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