How To Be A Consumerist Commenter

Commenting on the Consumerist isn’t some elite club… just look at our commenters.

Ha! Just kidding, guys. You know we love you. And like the harem of nubile intellects that you are, we’d like to continue to see your numbers grow.

So here’s a reminder: the invite-only system of the past is done for. All you need to do to get a commenting login is post a comment in any post. Fill in the username and password you like. Click submit. You’ll get some new boxes popping up, asking you to confirm your password and email. Enter those, then submit!

We’ve got a team of comment improvers working at Gawker HQ, vetting the best, boldest and funniest. So if you have something to say in a post, don’t email us, don’t ask for an invite: just say it and, more likely than not, you’re in!

UPDATE: You know, we rather obliviously forgot to mention the real reason we’re bringing this up. The bottom line is that two editors can’t run this site, because it requires a constantly refilling stove of consumer experiences. So we need you as commenters to help us keep abreast of what’s going on, to see what are merely the random errors of companies and what are the true, worrying trends. Likewise, if a post has a good head of steam going, companies reading this site know what they’ve got to correct. We need as many comments as possible to both know where to focus our attention and to keep companies honest. So don’t be shy. Step in. We need you.


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  1. PR Flack Brian says:

    I’m sure the “crack” team at HQ that deliberates over the comments consists of a dog choosing between two bowls of kibble with a bunch of printed emails at the bottom. So, in an effort to make the cut…”Here girl, come on, girl, who’s my good lady? You! Come here! I said COME!”

  2. Kornkob says:

    What a shame.

    Who’s starting the pool on the first spam posts?

  3. Smoking Pope says:

    The over-under on spam is 3 posts.


  4. Hawkins says:

    What a striking harem image! Where did you steal that?

  5. jomynow says:

    Keep it in an elite club! No wait… I found the problem to be that I never knew how to really get in touch with the people would invite someone who they didnt know on this internet thing to actually respond. This system is more democratic. Down with Oligarchy!

  6. biggeek says:

    FYI: There are coupons to Eunuchs “R” Us in today’s Pennysaver.

  7. exkon says:

    Man someone get a firetruck cause we just got flammed….

  8. spin_sycle says:

    flamed? let me get the brisket…

  9. meanie says:

    booo, I liked it when there were just 12 nonsensical posters

  10. LynxBetaV2 says:

    Hmmmmm, i wonder if this is for real.

    Oooo, auto preview dealy, thats classy.

    Glad you guys opened up the comments, long time lurker here.

    But yeah, I see my share of both insane customer service situations and well, insane customers at my job:

    Radio Shack Sales Associate (bottom of the food chain sadly)

    Some of the things I see from cellular companies is astounding, and to be fair I do see a few consumers that really do stuff that is just plain bad (like using speaker wire to act as a direct connection between a wall outlet and a cell phone to charge the battery. I mean to the guys credit, all he killed was the phone battery and he didn’t end up killing himself. He did learn that it was a bad idea but I digress.)

  11. classics says:

    I look forward to making many banal and uninteresting comments in the near future. Bully!

  12. zentec says:

    Great, they let the likes of me to comment and not just watch as an innocent bystander.

    But I promise; I’ll never create a “first post” post. Ever.

  13. synergy says:

    That’s been effective. I don’t know if the one comment I tried to make work. Is there a login or something or is it just on a comment by comment basis?

  14. I tried to post a comment earlier and it didn’t work.

  15. Where is the stripper factory and beer volcano?

  16. RandomHookup says:

    Perhaps some of the commenters are a bit gun shy after the random executions happening over at Gawker.

  17. keane says:

    Well thank god for small favors.

  18. jwissick says:

    Happy to see it’s open now!

  19. architectnerd says:

    Finally I’ll be able to complain about things on the internet.

  20. cstatman says:

    i have been waiting for this day. I can comment? woo hoo! Consumerist is one of my favorite websites, with interesting, witty, relevant postings, rants and raves from the consumer world. YAY, I feel sooo, “included”

  21. Yah. The executions thing is lame. Although, if someone is consistently being an asshat/disruptive on the comments, they should be ‘guillotined’.

  22. tonycontento says:

    All my dreams have come true.

    I am a troll no more!