Worst Customer Service, Ever?

You’re chewing your nails to the quick, possessed by a nameless anxiety destroying all your motivation. A trip to the hypnotist reveals you have deep, unresolved issues stemming from a horrible customer service experience you’ve since suppressed. The soothsayer advises you to visit a public place and scream it out at the top of your lungs.

So then… what is the absolute worst customer service experience you’ve ever had?


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  1. Jim C. says:

    Mine is probably not nearly as bad as others, but it got me absolutely furious. Some time ago I called Comcast about an Internet connection problem. They then decided this was a good time to try to get me to upgrade my service. Let’s just say I hit the roof.

  2. North of 49 says:

    Terasen Gas. Yet another utility company that sends its workers out and you have to stay around all day to get your gas turned on. If you’re not there, they won’t do it. That cost me my job because the rules are to not take time off and I had made arrangements with the management for them to open our place up when they showed up. They never did ask the management. And lo and behold, $360 and a wallet dissapeared that same day… makes you go hmmm…?
    We got a bit behind in our bill. So, we made arrangements to pay $100 on the 20th in Jan. We did. They cut us off on the 23rd. If you’ll note, that’s the difference between Friday and Monday. They then charged us a disconnection fee and this huge amount of gas. So we make arrangements to pay it off by Mid July. End of May, I get a disconnect letter. I didn’t know what our finances were going to be like so I wasn’t sure if I could pay off the remainder AND the added charges of interest and more – about $250. I was told not to worry about it because I had till the end of the month to pay it.
    Guess what? On my birthday, they cut the gas. I got home from taking the kids out and flipped out at them on the phone. This was the third time they had screwed us.
    So we get our gas turned back on, but they cancel the account and they want us to pay nearly 1K because they can’t be bothered to correctly read a meter. WTF! We put a huge chunk of change on it for two months (250 june 30, 300 Aug 1) and find out our account was killed. I have my other half deal with them cause they do customer service and they know how to talk to these people. We’re still waiting for our bill. Supposedly, because they killed the account, we didn’t owe that much and now have a 70$ credit. We haven’t seen that money come back to us.
    Terasen is a US based company that took over a Canadian provincial ministry. Nor am I the only one they have screwed. Nor do they show any remorse over screwing customers. If this place wasn’t a rental, we’d switch to completely electric and screw the gas.

  3. homerjay says:

    I have a couple that tie each other. One was the service at my local TGI Friday’s. They were open for about 6 weeks when I went there with a group of about 10 people including 2 toddlers at approx 5:30pm.

    We were told that we’d be seated in 15 minutes. 45 minutes later (and a couple of complaints) we were seated. That brings us to 6:15. The waitress comes over and takes our order and within about 10 minutes brings our drinks. Most of us are boozing. A couple people get their salad but not everybody. After a half hour we inquire about our order and got the expected “It’ll be right out.”
    15 minutes later we ask again and again the same response.
    at approx 7:15 I ask to see the manager and the waitress says she’ll go get him. By this point we have two hungry crying toddlers.

    At 7:30 we all get up and walk out. I was the last one to leave when the waitress and a couple others comes over with 10 plates and tries to get me to stay.
    I told them they could eat it and left. We probably drank $15 or so (never got past the first round).

    That was about 4 years ago. According to what I’ve heard, it hasn’t changed. I DID write a strongly worded letter, too.

  4. homerjay says:

    I’ll spare you the details of the other one but suffice to say it was concerning HP and it was the reson I switched to Mac.

  5. WindowSeat says:

    I had a very bad experience last night with Studio Plus Hotel when I tried to use a hotel voucher that Northwest Airlines gave me after missing a connection in Cleveland.

    The clerk treated me like I was running some sort of scam and her manager who I insisted the clerk call at home wasn’t much help either.

    I wasn’t even expecting a voucher from NWA when I missed my flight so it was a real shock when the hotel acted like they had never seen an airline voucher before. The real kicker was when the manager attempted to get me to book a room on the vague promise that they would come to some sort of agreement with NWA to refund the charge.

    Through the whole ordeal, Northwest really tried to help me out and the Gate Agent was fantastic, but the people at Studio Plus really did the utmost to make a bad situation worse. I’m ashamed to say that I let the people at Studio Plus get to me and I blew off a considerable amount of steam at the clerk and the manager, but I’m also not stuck in an endless fight to get someone to reimburse me for a room I hadn’t expected in the first place.

    To their credit, NWA gave me $20 in vouchers for dinner at the airport when I returned from Studio Plus. The Gate Agent was extremely apologetic about the voucher snafu and her genuine concern for my comfort took the edge off an unpleasant experience. I spent a slightly uncomfortable and chilly night in the Cleveland Airport and got the first flight out this morning.

    I just recieved a phone call from the Gate Agent and she informed me that NWA would be reimbursing me for my cab fare to and from the hotel and also sending a $50 credit for future travel.

    Considering NWA fufilled their obligation in getting to and from my destination with a missed connection that was no one’s fault the $50 is unexpected and much appreciated. Studio Plus and their affiliates can take a lesson in service from the people at Northwest.

  6. Nicole says:

    Dell. I reported a battery overheating and killing the computer and I got told I was an idiot.
    Maybe since they’ve made the formal announcement I should try it again.

  7. chrissy2006 says:

    I don’t know if you should consider this as a worst experience. Sometime last christmas, my family went to a certain resort. Assuming that I am the eldest daughter, I needed to finalise bookings with the receptionist. When I got there, man the receptionist was indeed in a bad mood. I excused myself when suddenly something hit my head, damn it was her mobile phone. I was dizzy but not dizzy enough to report her to the manager. What a holiday to spend with a furious receptionist.

  8. Ishmael says:

    DISH Network. I cancelled my account with them because we simply don’t watch TV. (Too busy messing around on the intarwebs!) I had just paid for the month of June, and was cancelling mid-June. I actually had to ask the girl on the other end for my refund – they were going to shut off my TV that day, but keep the money that paid up through the end of the month. I was told I’d get a check in 7-14 business days.

    16 business days later, still no check, so I call back. I get an outsourced guy who says that the check was mailed 6 days ago, so give it another 1-4 business days. 6 days later, no check. I called back, and got another outsourced guy. I really don’t think he ever really understood what I was asking him. What I wanted was for them to do a stop-pay on the check they supposedly issued and send me a new one. He kept asking me to verify my address, because ‘most of the time when this happens, it’s because the customer has moved.” I finally got sick of him going “ummmm,” and asked to speak to his supervisor.

    His supervisor was another outsourced guy, who had no more understanding than the dolt I was talking to. The supervisor claimed he would send my request to the accouting department, and to expect my check in 7-10 business days.

    14 business days later, still no check. Surprised? I called back, and got an American woman. She put me on hold for about 15 minutes, talking to someone in “Home Office.” To her credit, she did get back on the line every few minutes to let me know she was working on it. Finally she came back and said that whoever it was she was talking to would take 2-3 business days to verify the check wasn’t cashed (because now they think I’m a thief) and then issue me a new one. Expect 9-13 business days.

    16 business days later, still no check. Surprised? By now it’s mid-August and I’m pissed. A quick email and sweet, sweet Ben Popken helped me turbo up to Executive Customer Service. Amazingly, they picked up when I called. The receptionist asked me why I was calling. I told her that I had a customer service issue that I hadn’t been able to get resolved through the normal channels. She put me on hold and called around until she found someone at their desk. Neat!

    The guy I then spoke to said that he could see where I’d been calling, but that none of the CSRs I had spoken to had made notes on whether or not they’d actually put in the stop-pay request. He promised me that he was putting in the request now, and to wait 7-10 business days for my check. I asked him if they couldn’t just EFT me the money. He was very understanding, but claimed since my bank account info, nor my credit card were on file with them when I cancelled, they could only send me a check. Grudgingly I agreed, and marked my calendar for 8 business days later. I was going to call and make sure the damn stop-pay was done.

    6 business days later I had my check in hand.

    It wasn’t a whole lot of money that I was after, but with all the trouble I had, you’d think I was asking for thousands of dollars. 4 years of on-time payments and constant service, and I had to pull teeth to get my lousy $25 back.

  9. Chris V says:

    I can remember giving horrible customer service. Looking back at this, I should have just walked out of the job. But at 16 years old, that’s not something which immediately occurs to you.

    I was working at Burger King. One of my idiot coworkers poured fry grease down the drain instead of disposing of it properly, which involves draining it into a container, letting the grease cool down until it solidifies, and then removing it as a solid. Anyway, the grease in this case solidified in the drain and blocked the sewage system until we had about an inch of raw sewage throughout the kitchen.

    So, what did the manager do? He kept us open and supplied us cardboard to stand on while we did our work. Luckily, I was working drive-thru, so I had an ample supply of fresh air. Customers coming inside could tell right away that they didn’t want what we were serving. But, drive-thru customers couldn’t tell we were having issues.

  10. juri squared says:

    The worst experience I’ve ever had was in 1998 or so with a company called CallEdge, which provided my college with a calling card service which would bill you monthly. My mother picked one up for me so I could call home. I used it maybe a half-dozen times the first month – I called my parents and once, a friend of mine.

    Well, after the first six weeks or so, I got a strange phone call from my friend. Apparently, someone had called her asking if she knew anyone at Illinois State University (my college). Caught off-guard, she answered yes. The rep then demanded to know who it was, and if she knew that the person in question (me) had stolen a calling card. At this point, my friend got suspicious, hung up, and called me.

    I was floored. I didn’t know what to do, so I called my mother, who was the one getting the CallEdge bill. It turns out she had yet to even receive her first bill. They hadn’t talked to her as she wasn’t home at the time, so she called them.

    Long story slightly shorter, CallEdge had printed two cards with the same PIN number. My card was newer, and somehow all the calls were billed to the person who already had the account. This person, who lived on the other side of campus and whom I had never met, got a bill with calls she hadn’t made to numbers she didn’t recognize. Sensibly, she called to complain and CallEdge assumed I had stolen her card.

    My mother gave them more than an earful for calling the people I’d called and defaming me. The CallEdge people refused to believe they could make such a mistake. My mother immediately cancelled my card (such as it was) and my brother’s. I don’t recall if she took any further action, although she certainly should have.

    Two things I am reminded of here: First, I wish Consumerist had been around then, and second – don’t make my mom angry. You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.

  11. Amy Alkon000 says:

    I bought their customer care package for three years of “hassle-free” service. Hah. I’ve spent hours and hours on the phone — one rude guy named Walter was particularly horrible…I believe he was the one who hung up on me the first time! Then told me, the second time — after I went through HP Corporate — that he’d hang up on me if I spoke sarcastically (ie, “Oh, this has been a fantastic experience.”) Passive-aggressive doesn’t even get to the half of it. Then, I got passed to some chick who was nice — after being put on endless hold by Walter — an HP experience I’m very familiar with…customer “care” is a joke. Then this nice woman named Kathy told me my printer would work if it printed tests — no need to take the time to hook it up to the computer. Really, kathy? No, it turns out kathy was wrong. It seems it needed an Ink Service Spittoon — and they said in Europe that HP doesn’t make these (supposedly replaceable) items anymore. They are available in the USA — but hard to find. I really like this printer; I just wish it were made by Apple or somebody who knows how to treat customers. Have Applecare — have had it for years on all my Apple computers…what a dream.

  12. Amy Alkon000 says:

    Sorry, meant to log in — not post this yet and it posted as I logged in. It’s HP Customer service I’m talking about – the supplemental plan for the HP 450ci printer. I was in Paris at the time and my boyfriend had to buy a second HP 450ci printer to bring with him because I couldn’t get the Spittoon in Europe.

  13. Sephira says:

    my worst experience was with Wachovia. i used to bank with them but have since left.

    ever wonder how banks make money?hell overdraft fees. what’s the easiest way to create overdraft fees? compute the withdrawls before the deposits.

    in my case, i had deposited a cheque for $200 on a Monday. My account stated available balance: $236 (including the cheque I had just deposited). So on Thursday I paid some bills, bought some gas, groceries, and some minor things (total spent was about $250).

    The next Tuesday rolls around I get slapped with 8, count ’em, 8 overdraft fees for everything – even the gum I bought on my debit card. At $35 a pop, that’s $280. A call to Wachovia saying the money was there, and I even waited the mandatory three days before using it were worthless the CSR. So after making those payments for the items I had purchased and them automatically deducting the overdraft fee from my account, I was in the hole with them for about $330 dollars. I am still going around in circles with them about the money being there – if I had taken it out in cash this wouldn’t have happened at all. I’ve since gone to another bank and haven’t paid them a dime, but now they’re threatening to report it to a banking service that can “prevent me from opening accounts with other banks”.

  14. Kitty says:

    Seriously, Wachovia. For a year and a half, they continued to bill me service fees on an account I had closed. Every month, I would complain, and every month, I would be told they had taken care of the problem for good. Next month? Same deal.

  15. Mary Marsala with Fries says:

    If the police don’t count, then can I nominate Banks as a category? If I have to pick one of the legion of banks that’s screwed me, I’ll pick Charter One — In two separate incidents they’ve wrongfully put bad information on my credit report, one of which I’m still fighting. This is over a line of credit my dad co-signed for me when I was 16. I never missed a payment, got it extended twice, and then found out (not because anybody told me, but because checks started bouncing) that in their latest merger, C1 stopped offering that service. They made it clear that they expected me to pay the loan off, but I could no longer use the $3000 in “available credit” that was supposedly on it. I paid it off years ago, even though it took me 8 months get to them to actually close the account, and somehow they’re still convinced that I owe them $124 dollars over it. Balls!

    But if the police DO count, my god do they ever win. I would give a Special Medal Of Recognition to the Lincoln Park PD in Michigan for, when I waved a patrol car over to ask about when our car had been robbed the night before, screaming at me and my husband, running our licenses and threatening to take us in, and ultimately calling backup and pulling guns on my ex-husband in the middle of the street outside our house. All because we wouldn’t “just go file a report” (which we had) and wanted them to answer our questions. (My ex was a big guy, but VERY polite through the whole thing–but he’s Puerto Rican, and a lot of the Detroit suburbs still like to think they’re “white”, so there is that.) I especially liked the officer who, when I asked for his badge number, told his coworker, “Hey, tell the Sarge another member of my fan club will be calling.”

    Sadly, I doubt the police count, or that’s all this blog would be about. ;) So yeah, Charter One.

  16. RandomHookup says:

    I nominate my friendly neighborhood Friendly’s Restaurant. I found glass in my salad. I stop first available person to prevent others from partaking of the same. No one…and I mean no one…came near me for the next 15 minutes until I finally grabbed a manager to see if I would be allowed to eat since they had taken away my food and seemed uninterested in offering me any other options besides salt and pepper.

  17. RandomHookup says:

    I would also nominate the Atlanta hotel that gave away my rental car from valet parking, but I can’t remember which chain it was. I think they gave me 3 days free membership in the gym to make up for my troubles.

  18. I have two but I don’t know if hospitals/doctors count.

    If they do then the worst I’ve had is ARMC’s emergency room. My sister drives me to the ER after 1am because I’m in the worst pain of my life and I think I’m dying. When I finally get seen by a doctor he tells me it’s acid reflux.

    Acid reflux? That thing the ads say people have more than once a week? Believe me, if you were in the pain I was in every week, you would be bedridden.

    None of the doctors I talk to will consider the idea that it’s being caused by one of the new medications I started even though my symptoms are in the list of their side effects. None of the doctors came up with a different diagnosis even after five more trips to the ER, by which time they’re having to give me stronger pain killers and I’m still in pain when I’m released. It’s well over a year since this began and I feel sick and tired all of the time.

    It wasn’t until it happened at school and I was taken to the University’s health center that I found out what was actually wrong: it was my gallbladder. I ended up having to get it removed. Guess what increases your chances of having to have your gallbladder removed? The medication the other doctors (not just in the ER) insisted couldn’t possibly have anything to do with it.

  19. headrubby says:

    NelNet. Or Sprint.

    I asked Nelnet to set up auto-deduction from my bank account for my student loans, and was told it would be no problem. Two months later I call them to ask them why nothing has been deducted.

    “Because you don’t have that service set up, sir.”

    Hmm. Well, can you go ahead and set it up?

    “Absolutely. But your payback rate on your student loans just went up 3% because you didn’t pay last month.”

    This was a few years back, but it rates as the worstest ever.

    I bought service with Sprint about five years ago, when they were just starting to offer rudimentary internet service. I didn’t need it- I was in college, and had my own computer, so if I really needed to download porn I’d do it on a normal-sized screen, rather than- I dunno, read erotica on a per kilobye basis.

    It only took two keystrokes to be online, and it would turn on in my pocket while I was walking around.

    I first realized how hard I was taking it when I got an upwards-of-$400 bill.

    “This is insane,” I told the CSR, reiterating what I said above about the porn. “$400? I don’t even want the crappy service! Take it off my phone!”

    So they did, and removed the charges.

    Next month, I get an even larger bill. It turns out that no one turned off the service, and I had been pocket-dialing the text-based Sprint homepage for hours at a time, only disconnecting when my battery died.

    I called them back, expecting them to simply apologize and fix it again. Nope! Since I had had charged removed the month before, they weren’t allowed to do it again. But they would be more than happy to turn of the internet, and put me on a payment plan.

    I couldn’t afford it (college student, remember?), so Sprint cut off my phone- and chared me $150 for not fulfilling my two-year contract.

    I hate them so hard.

    In fact- here’s a gift, from a marketing guy to any venture capitalist who wants to start a cell phone service. If you want everyone in the country to instantly switch cell providers to your service, use this as your tagline (we’ll pretend here that your service is called Megacell).

    “Megacell- we won’t fuck you.”

  20. The second is Blue Cross Blue Shield. First, BCBS of GA doesn’t send me an insurance card for three months. Then the company switches to BCBS of CA who spend seven months telling all of my doctors I don’t have any coverage (funny how their accounting departments never get confused and sent me my money back).

  21. AppTechie says:

    I would say Dish Network would be the worst breakdown due to idiocy I have ever heard of. I called to upgrade my service to HD…and 45 minutes later, several accusations of lying, 4 or 5 people that haven’t a clue what they are talking about nor even bother to check the schedule to see if the install can be done on Friday, I FINALLY got to the Executive Escalations team. 5 minutes after reaching EE, I was scheduled for install on Friday of my HD DVR. The accusations of lying? They were from me and along the lines of:

    “How is it that there are commercials for companies offering next day, or even same day, installation of an HD DVR and you are telling me that the HD DVRs are of limited availability and I will have to wait 10 days?”

    There is also the classic response from an outsourced robot of:

    “I do not have a supervisor.”

    To which, my response was:

    “So you are the CEO or President of the Board for Dish Network? Great, then if anybody can, you can fix this issue and get me set up for Friday!”

    I now have requests from several people that sit near me to call companies on their behalf because I was somehow able to not cuss loudly and with much gusto during this entire call…

    I am thinking about charging $5 a minute :)

  22. radiofree says:

    Here’s the list I get to choose from:

    Verizon Wireless
    Verizon DSL
    Time Warner Cable
    Aetna Health Insurance

    Now, some would say it’s me, that I’m not an easy customer to deal with. And to those people, I would say you are correct. I am not easy to deal with for the following reasons:

    I ask “why?” when a CSR tells me there is a rule that either forces me into an option I don’t want or prevents me from choosing a logical other option;
    I want to see promises in writing, like when you tell me I’m going to get credit on my bill for an error made by the company;
    I want to know dates and times for when problems are supposed to be resolved, even if they are approximate and subject to change;
    I want to know who I can talk to if said problems are not resolved on or around the approximate time I was given for their resolution;
    I want to know the CSR’s direct extention, their employee ID number, the call tag number, or some other identifying mark to prove a particular conversation had taken place; and
    If I am not satisfied with the resolution, I will always ask to talk to the CSR’s manager, and the person above him or her, etc.

    So, I may be a difficult customer to placate.

    On the other hand, I am the customer. The Verizons get thousands of my dollars a year. Time Warner Cable gets no less than $1200 of my dollars a year. Aetna holds my health in their hands. And even if I spent a fraction of what I would, I would expect nothing less than the sterling service that is promised in every single ad, promo mailing, e-mail, etc., offered by the above companies.


  23. HawkWolf says:

    I have three. They’re all about equal.

    1) While Comcast was aquiring MediaOne’s contract in southeast michigan and also acquiring @home, calling their phone system would result in the system hanging up on you if you chose the “my service is down” option. Choosing any other option put you on hold for about 45 minutes.

    2) Recently, while moving my comcast cable to my new apartment, I set up everything with a tech at 9:30pm on a saturday. He said it was all good and told me exactly what I wanted to hear.

    The next day, I awoke to no cable. I found out that he scheduled the disconnect and the new service install at 12 to 3pm *the previous day*, when I had called that previous day at *9:30pm*. When I phoned them again to fix it, it took three people to figure out how to fix it, and much apologizing. To their credit, when they really came to install the new service at my new place, the guy was very competant and did a great job.

    3) I called AAA of Michigan to set up car insurance for my new car. What I didn’t know was that this is something you want to do in person at your local office, so it took me a stunning hour and a half of fiddling around with the person on the phone to give me a ‘real’ account, not just put me on my parents’ insurance.

    After *two* phone calls and a lot of time on the phone that used up all my cell minutes at the time, I ended up faxing them a whole wad of paperwork.

    It never went anywhere. A week before I was going to go on a trip, I said hmm, I don’t have an insurance card. I drove over to the local office and they said, “you’re kind of in our computer system, but not really. You don’t have any insurance.” I hadn’t had insurance for almost an entire month! Even though I managed to buy the car, I still didn’t actually have car insurance!

    After another half an hour of actual human interaction (there’s just a ton of paperwork for it all), I had insurance.

    Now, this isn’t really a hit on AAA – whenever I call the local office, everything is handled really professionally by very nice people, but their 888 number call staff are complete idiots.

  24. Rick Dobbs says:

    Everytime I go through airport security.

  25. Ben Popken says:

    Steve writes:

    “IC Systems. There was a SNAFU with the Rhode Island DMV when my wife switched her registration to Massachusetts nearly 10 years ago, and it caught up with us when we decided to buy a house in CA about 5 years ago. We straightened it out, got the mortgage and were fine until we decided to refi last year. the problem was still on her credit report, so we jumped through hoops and had it deleted again. A hassle, but a huge one.

    Enter IC System, a collection agency that has the worst phone manners ever. They start sending us bills after we’ve closed the account with RI’s DMV. I call to tell them they should stop, they refuse. I tell them to just check with the DMV and Josh tells me it’s not their job to clean up after customers who don’t want to pay what they’re owed. I try explaining that we don’t owe anything and ask to talk to a supervisor. Josh shifts me over to Blake, who claims he’s in charge, and he reiterates that IC System is not in the market of halping deadbeats skip on their obligations. After 3 minutes, he hangs up on me.

    They call me back the next day, and a gentleman named Scott listens and tells me he’s going to forward my problem to the department that they have in place to contact their clients in exactly this sort of situation. He calls back a week later to tell me nothing’s happened yet. That’s the last I hear from Scott.

    A month and a half later, my wife gets a call from IC System asking for the money (the payoff’s dropped form over $400 to $160 on it’s own, somehow). She explains that we don’t owe anything and asks for the name of the persona calling. She asks 6 times in a row and is hung up on. Total call time – 87 seconds.

    The wife calls back and is immediately confronted by the person once she gives her account number with the claim that the notes indicate that my wife was abusive and used obscenities whenever she called. Never mind that this is the first time my wife ever called them and I never cursed at anyone (even though the impulse did cross my mind). Once again, she’s told she needs to pay up, and then is promptly hung up on.

    Google helps me find the company VP’s name and phone number, and we place a call to a Mr. Lloyd Lenet. Suffice it to say, he was pretty surprised to hear form a lowly collections target, but to his credit, he listened to everything my wife told him and gave her a new number to a corporate collections agent. He tells her to call back if there are any further issues.

    The wife makes the call to the new number, is connected with Joanne in Consumer Affairs, explains the situation and that Mr. Lenet gave her the number to call. She’s promptly told that she called the wrong area, is given the original number and is hung up on. She calls back, asks for Joanne and is instead given the runaround and told there’s nothing they can do for her. She explains that the VP gave her this number, dropping his name again, and the person on the other end says “I have no idea who that is” and hangs up.

    So, here we stand. the RI folks are going to try to call off the dogs, but the people we can get ahold of there have no idea who IC System is. They have a number to fax them at, but I hold out little hope of this working considering the insane level of craptactular service IC System seems hellbent on delivering.”

  26. AcilletaM says:

    Mine: Time Warner Cable
    A couple of years ago when I moved out of Wisconsin to Illinois I closed my TWC account. I dropped off my equipment, in person, to the billing center, asked the lady to send me a final bill, she said that would be fine and she will schedule it, and I get a letter from a collection agency on behalf of TWC instead. Fuckers! Maybe not the worse thing in the world but it definitely sticks in my mind.

    Oh, and I hate SBC (now AT&T) with a seering, white-hot passion. I will not say anymore because I have work to do today and it will just piss me off too much.

    My girlfriend’s: State Farm
    She has been the victim in multiple accidents and in all cases it has taken a lawyer to get any money out of this company. She was hit by a drunk driver (pulled out of the parking lot of a bar and immediately hit her. He literally drove a total of about a 100 feet) and they blamed her for part of the accident. I’m not talking about 6 figure settlements either, I mean to pay for the ambulance bill, fix the car, etc.

  27. medalian1 says:

    Man I don’t even know which is the best, it seems like every 2 weeks I have a nightmare problem

  28. randomspaces says:

    This one didn’t cause any harm, but it was funny:

    I wanted to buy speakers for my iBook on the way home from work, but didn’t want to go to a bunch of different stores, so I checked online to see who had them in stock before setting out. CompUSA is on the way, and their web site said they had plenty in stock at the location I was near.

    So I got there, and asked for them (the JBL Creature speakers, which I love) and the guy said they had none. I told him the web site showed many in stock, he “checked in back” and returned to tell me they had none. I could see several boxes stacked above the display walls, but that would have meant he would have to get on a ladder. I pointed to them, and he said they couldn’t be sold!

    I went to one of the demo Macs and found them again on the CompUSA site. This time I used the ” order now and pay for them up in the store” purchase option. To make it even sweeter, I was able to print the order form to a random printer 3 aisles over. I took the page to the “customer service” desk, where I was handed the speakers in about 2 minutes. During this self-help scenario, 3 “associates” asked if they could help me. I replied “No, I’m just ordering these speakers” to which they replied. “oh, OK”

  29. MBird1 says:

    ToysRus – Satisfaction guarenteed – NOT!!!
    I bought a playset from ToysRus for almost one thousand dollars. Upon opening the boxes, we noticed 2 of them had previously been opened (no bindind plus BIRD POOP on the wood!). There were no directions in any of the four boxes and I had to practically beg the manager at ToysRus to find me some directions. After sorting through all the pieces and finding many of them missing, I spent hours on the phone with the manager of the store. He stated I would have to call the manufacturer of the product. I bundled all the boxes up and took them back to the store for a refund. The manager CHUCKLED and said there was nothing he could do about it; he could not take the product back and resell it at full price. After telling him about the bird poop on some of the boards in 2 of my boxes, he again said he would not take the product back. I called the manufacturer who then contacted ToysRus and discovered ToysRus had given me a box of spare parts instead of the box that was suppose to have been given to me. I exchanged the box (spare parts) with the correct box and finally got all the parts I needed, except for one part which was not required. I will NEVER step foot in another ToysRus store again. They do not stand by their products and will not give a refund. BUYER BEWARE!!!

  30. Mr. Gunn says:

    The horrible CS hasn’t even started yet. When steve, headrubby, and itypedformiles check their credit reports and find that the companies they were “doing business” with have seriously fucked up their credit scores, that’s when the fun starts.

  31. Sephira says:

    i checked my credit report recently, and there’s nothing on it from Wachovia. i didn’t have a line of credit from them, just a checking and savings account. being overdrawn on your checking account doesn’t show up on a credit report, does it?

  32. crispy says:

    Dell. Surprise!

    I bought an Inspiron laptop, with which I have been very happy, except for one incident involving Customer Service.

    About a month into owning the thing, I found a small problem – the DVD drive would stutter and skip terribly about 1/2 way through any movie that I put in. Took me about 5 DVD’s to figure out that it was the drive – it was having trouble focusing on the second layer of the optical medium. (Look it up later.) So I contacted Dell tech support.

    Long story short, I was told by successive reps to (1) Update the DVD drivers. (2)Update the video drivers. (3) Update the Interface Drivers. (4) Update the Mainboard drivers. (5) Update the System BIOS. All reasonable requests, except every rep I spoke to told me the same thing. Finally I called, and demanded a new DVD drive. I was told that the problem had to be something that I did, since new components don’t have defects, and that I would have to dump the Hard Drive and start fresh. Well, I snapped. I called the (Outsourced) rep a number of amusingly stereotypical names, explained that I’ve been fixing PC’s since before he learned English, and demanded that the drive be replaced under their warranty, and that they would have no peace, night or day, until it was done. After nearly forty five minutes on the phone, he tells me, “Allright den sir, I will ship you a new drive, but when you get it and de problem is not fixed, I expect you to call me and apologize for being so rude to me on de phone!” I replied, “Look Hadji, if you ship me a drive and it doesn’t fix the problem, I will personally fly to India, buy you lunch, and kiss your (backside).”

    Three days later, the drive showed up at my place of business. I installed it, it’s been working just fine ever since.

    Good thing too, I hate flying.

    Honestly, I’ve have been pleased overall with the product, but their service really is the pits. They either need local reps, or FAR better training.

  33. TJbiker says:

    COMCAST, hands down!! Those morons (actually their contractors who they do NOT communicate with at all) came out to my home in July without me reporting ANY problem (there were none until that moment), ripped up my yard and dug up part of my walkway to lay a new cable line that I did not need. Then, drilled a gray plastic box about the size of my head onto brand new woodwork on the side of my home to to enclose the 2″ x 3″ cable splitter. This began my war with Comcast. After MANY yelling and screaming calls to CSRs, and them promising that someone would come out to survey the damage, they never did. But they came out about 3 MORE times to do more damage. I removed their ugly box and spent about $200 to repair my yard and walkway. Only after a blistering letter with photos of all the damage to a local gov’t official did someone in the COMCAST QA dept call me (about 7 weeks after all this began) to tell me he wanted to send someone out to check out the situation. I called him back and told him not to bother. Needless to say, I cancelled my internet service with them and am waiting for some viable competition to be allowed into my area so I can dump their cable TV service, too. COMCAST is in the running for Scumbag Company of the Year award in my book. They don’t give a damn about their customers. They seem to only have a grasp on the concept of doing as much damage to people’s property as possible, knowing they will ignore you and get away with it.

  34. jimslim says:

    For anyone thinking of or has ordered magazines from My1mag,magsforless,Halfpricedmags,Snappymags or Almostfreemags (ebay). That is the worst possbile magazine site on the web. You will not receive your magazines. The owner needs to be put out of business. He is a crook. Only takes your money. Don’t order.