What Kathy Lee Didn’t Tell You About Cruise Ships

Image courtesy of Maybe they'll blame the Bermuda Triangle for their latest problems.

Another person has gone missing from a cruise ship — the 62nd person to go missing in the last six years. The 36-year old woman fell overboard on her four-day Carnival cruise to Key West and Mexico.

And best of all, the cruise industry doesn’t seem to give a rat’s ass. They’re happy to take your money, force feed you at the interminable buffets, as if to fatten your liver for a nice foie gras, and subject you to musical entertainment that would make your high school drama teacher vomit in terror. But if you fall over the rails, that’s your problem.

Maybe they’ll blame the Bermuda Triangle for their latest problems.

Ohio Woman Missing From Cruise Ship [Washington Post] (via Elliott)

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