Pro-Walmart Art Parade A Rousing Success

By all accounts, it appears Bob Snead’s up with Walmart parade went off very well last Saturday.

Snead says he developed the idea of a pro-Walmart rally after seeing various ninnies and nincompoops rail against the big box retailer, most especially, Democrats prepping the muck for racking in the upcoming elections. He writes:

    “The Democrats taking this hardline against Wal-Mart should really teach a class called “How to Lose an Election 102.” In order for most American’s to support an anti-Wal-Mart platform, they must abandon the ideals of our Laissez-faire capitalist system. Wal-Mart should be allowed to do whatever it wants in our system, less becoming a Monopoly… and it’s been careful not to fall into that category. Governmental intervention into the healthcare or wages Wal-Mart gives its employees would reflect socialist values. As we’ve learned from our non-existent nationalized healthcare system, Americans are definitely not socialist. And to most Americans, a Socialist is just a step away from a Communist, and Communists are certainly un-American. If the genius that is George W. Bush can get elected and then re-elected, then we certainly won’t be having commies running our government anytime soon. God Bless America, God Bless Wal-Mart.”

Edelman, hire this man.

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