Walmart Does Away With Layaway

Walmart today announced they are phasing out their layaway programs. November 19th is the last day to place items for Christmas and they must be picked up by December 8th.

Layaway plans were popularized by advertisers in the early 20th century with slogans such as “You furnish the girl, we’ll furnish the home.”

Likewise, Walmart will discontinue use of their slogan, “You furnish your cousin, we’ll furnish the trailer.”


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  1. 24fan24 says:

    I think it’s a about time retailers start phasing out layaway. With the wide spread use of credit cards, it’s no longer necessary. When was the last time you even saw someone at the layaway desk?

  2. Kat says:

    With credit cards so prevalent, who even uses Layaway?

  3. Smoking Pope says:

    “With credit cards so prevalent, who even uses layaway?”

    People with sub-300 credit scores who sit at home eating gummint cheese, plotting their $30 Blue Collar TV Season One purchase.

  4. RandomHookup says:

    Well, and a portion of the population who don’t want their oversized Christmas presents sitting in the shed so the kids can find them in October.

  5. Paula says:

    What’s layaway?

  6. Paula, from what I can tell, it’s when you tell a store you want something, then they set it aside (in the store) after you give them some money (like some set percentage of your layaway purchase). Then you pay it off whenever you want before a certain date. If you don’t pay the whole thing off by the certain date they keep your money and put the merchandise back on the floor to sell.

  7. homerjay says:

    Speaking of credit cards and stuff that should be phased out, what about checks???

  8. Kat says:

    Whoops, didn’t mean to step on your toes, 24fan24… your comment wasn’t displaying when I posted mine.

  9. Hooray4Zoidberg says:

    I almost forgot all about layaway. I didn’t even notice places still even offered it.

  10. denise_m09 says:

    there are people in the world who do not have a credit card. and those people aren’t sitting on their asses eating “gumment” cheese. for a lot of poor people, layaway is the thing that can use in order to get their families things they need. before you start talking trash about things you don’t know, i suggest you walk a mile in their shoes. i know what it is to be poor, because i was their once upon a time in my life. i worked my ass off to get where i am today. and i am proud of myself. And I thank GOD that he gave me the heart, the will and the strength to help those who don’t have much. I thank my parents for raising me not to prejudice.

  11. “You furnish your cousin, we’ll furnish the trailer.”


    Funny, but ouch.

    We still need check because my mortgage company won’t send me paper statements if I sign up for electo-payment. My electric utility doesn’t even offer the option of electro-pay.

  12. ksweet says:

    Some of you sound so stupid, layaway is still used in today’s society. If you had any sense at all you would realize that layaway is good if you don’t really need the items until a certain time such as Christmas. Instead of paying all at one time you can spread the payments out and have money for other things.

  13. Goldilocks says:

    There are many young couples who do not want to use credit cards, but look forward to placing a layaway for their children at Christmas time. They have limited income and budget their payments each payday. They have the option of shopping before all the toys are picked through. I feel Walmart is making a mistake and Kmart will be the place to shop for the consumers who use layaway.

  14. AcidReign says:

    …..Layaway has always been a racket, just like credit. A certain percentage of layaway stuff doesn’t finish getting bought, and they keep the money. If Walmart’s giving this up, it’s only because the cost of storing the “layed” items is negating the profit.

    …..Being poor can get you exploited, with stuff like layaway, %500 payday loans, and exhorbitant check-cashing fees. Stick to cash if you’re poor. Otherwise, you’re getting what little money you have, taken.

  15. howielong says:

    When you are a divorced father with 2 children. No help from the other party. You have to do what you can. Layaway helped me out. I could get the stuff my children asked for from Santa. Now to tell you the truth I’m not sure what I can do. Now why would I want to pay and extra 3-10% on things when I could just put it on lay away. I work 48 hours a week for a small town police department. I don’t sit on my ass waiting for the blue coller crap. I’m not what i would call poor either. When you can grow up. Think past yourself and mom and dad stop paying your way you will find out that there are some things you may find that really help you out.

  16. howielong says:

    Layaway has nothing to do with being poor. It is away to get what you want when you do not have the money at the time to get it. Layaway does not cost any extra. But you want to pay anywhere from 6-15% extra now that is just stupid. Well i guess when Mom and Dad are paying your way that is all good. When you are a divorced father with 2 children. Working in a small town police department and disabled vetrean. You look to get all the help you can.So when you get all growed up and look past your own ego at the little people. You can see how that the World of the mighty Walmart just keeps screwing the little guy.

  17. medalian1 says:

    Turns out we SHOULD have been using layaway :( Someone on forums found that you put something on layaway before a holiday (christmas) and get it out near your payoff date and it is price adjusted to the clearance price. Meaning you put all that holoween candy in layaway and pick it up in January for $0.10 a bag or something. Dang I wish I had know this, could’ve got a steal on a VCR!

  18. krj_6 says:

    i dont use credit cards and to those of you who do more power o ya! Lay away is great for those of us that don’t use those things!

  19. mavrules says:

    not everyone uses credit cards. i have decent credit.. but dont wnat to pay loads of interest on the purchases so layaway is perfect.

  20. xoxburt777xox says:

    Well, I work for Wal-Mart and it’s NOT all that! I’m happy I have a job and I can pay my bills, I’m not happy having a job at the wal-mart I work for. I firmly believe they shouldn’t phase out the layaway. Even the employees cannot just go and buy something straight up! We need the layaway. I can honestly say that alot of people(including myself) are going to shop elsewhere. I am not a rich person who can afford to pay for 15 credit cards and charge everything. BUT….wal-mart will see what the decision is a year after layaway is gone…BIG mistake!

  21. lisa0882 says:

    I cant believe I’m reading some of these comments! How dare you judge people who dont have money! Who are you? Are you really that shallow of a person, I dare you to ask? No, I’m not poor, and no I’m not rich. I’m comfortable. Some people (People with Sense) dont have credit cards and dont want them. If you dont have the money to pay cash for a purchase then maybe you dont need it. Layaway allows people to save or pay on it without interest. And I use layaway, and no I dont eat “gumment cheese” and so what if I did, jerk And that’s the nicest I can say about you. Layaway does not and should not label you as poor. If it allows you to get Christmas for the kids or seasonal clothes – then so be it. At least you were smart and paid for it without paying interest like a credit card. I hope all of you that are negative people wake up one day.

  22. amy1974 says:

    What about those who can’t get a credit card what happens then not everyone is approved for one and your only way of doing Christmas gifts is layaway is Walmart going to make it more easy to get a Credit Card threw them there should always be a back up plan i think..

  23. pouncergirl says:

    For one thing Wal-Mart DOES NOT keep the money if the layaway is not picked up. It is refunded to the customer. Another thing, it is great to put items on layaway and know that if you don’t actually need it for a month or so then you are still going to be able to get that item and it won’t be sold out. With the high use of credit cards, layaway was a great way to pay stuff off without having to pay finance charges. They are cutting their own throat by doing away with layaway and will be using a lot of customers. Most layaway departments had literally hundreds of customers use them every week.

  24. shopsalot says:

    Layaway should be retained and credit cards limited… I’ve never seen some one file for bankruptcy for too many layaways credit cards on the other hand…. Not everyone was taught to properly save for purchases they want or need layaway sometimes helps be responsible so you don’t lose your money.

  25. SINGLEMOMOF4 says:


  26. SINGLEMOMOF4 says:


  27. samarapoo says:

    Walmart isnt going to lose any money. In fact they will probably gain money. More than 50% of the time people will put items on layaway, and then when its due to be out the customer will cancel it. During the time its on layaway the prices will drop which means someone else would have paid full price if it wasnt on layaway. I don’t understand why people think walmart is so bad. Hell they beat everyone elses prices. They also price match other stores.How many other places do that and how many places will let you return stuff without a receipt. Everyone still needs to think about that.

  28. mariann says:

    i may not live in no fancy pants big home, but its not a trailer. wal-mart needs to understand they are WAL-MART!!!! they are trying to keep up with the “big companies” but please dont ever forget its wal-mart! im sorry but if you can get your hair done, nails done, do your banking, rent a movie, buy some bananas and get your oil changed all in one place then im sorry but obviously your not a fancy establisment such as a macy’s. its wal-mart!!!! bring back layaway for the poor folks.

  29. Rickie says:

    Some of you are truly missing the point. Layaway has nothing to do with being poor. It’s smart. The bottom line is Wal-mart made their fortunes at the expense of the Middle and working class American/family. Now they wish to appeal to upscale customers much the same way Target has. I agree with a previous poster that mentioned not wanting to spend their money on something at one time.

    I use layaway all the time. I work 40 hours a week and I have two children. Layaway allows me to get them the things they need without having to use credit cards or being broke. I have several credit cards, but it’s my goal to get away from using credit cards on non-emergency purchases. 9 times out of 10, a $30 purchase at Walmart is not something that most of us absolutely need!

    Walmart had the best layaway ever! There is no service fee associated with it. You keep the items in for two months, you only pay 10% down, you never have to make a payment if you don’t want to and if you don’t want the items afterall you can keep it. Walmart never keeps all your money. They give you two months to receive the credit from the refund. After that time you lose 10% of the down payment. Not the entire amount. Some of you are so biased about who uses layaway and for what purposes.

    Think about your first apartment or dorm room. Imagine buying one item a month versus being able to buy multiple items by delaying the final payment of the items. I think what Walmart will do is have an increase in theft and a lose of business from people that can not afford to shop there unless they have the ability to lay items away. I hope they lose 75% of their business. They should stop trying to keep up with the TARGET of the world!

  30. smartshopper says:

    Those of you who think Wal-Mart’s layaway plan is for the poor are totally missing the purpose of it. I have used Wal-Mart’s layaway for the past two years. I am married with two small children and being able to put the things they wanted on layaway has been a blessing. Many of the toys on my children’s list were popular Christmas toys. When everyone else was running around looking for the toys in December, I was at home relaxing because we already had the items before they were sold out. I wish WM would reconsider b/c I think a lot of people used layaway plans for Christmas for the very same reason —- Avoiding running around from store to store looking for popular Christmas toys.

  31. smartshopper says:

    Those of you who think Wal-Mart’s layaway plan is for the poor are totally missing the purpose of it. I have used Wal-Mart’s layaway for the past two years. I am married with two small children and being able to put the things they wanted on layaway has been a blessing. Many of the toys on my children’s list were popular Christmas toys. When everyone else was running around looking for the toys in December, I was at home relaxing because we already had the items before they were sold out. I wish WM would reconsider b/c I think a lot of people used layaway plans for Christmas for the very same reason —- Avoiding running around from store to store looking for popular Christmas toys.

  32. Momof4 says:

    Some of us choose not to have a credit card because of the high interest rate so a layaway comes in handy when purchasing large items or many items when you have a big family.

  33. Matt2006 says:

    “Gumment” Cheese? You arrogant little (insert profanity)! [sarcasm]I’m aint poor and I don’t eat gumment cheese my brotha![/sarcasm]

    I do however use Wal-Marts layaway, and have used it for the last ten years. Why is this???
    Because I’m not a moron like you who would put toys and gifts on a credit card only to have to pay 18 – 21% interest on my purchases.

    When parents have to pay out a thousand dollars to purchase gifts for runny little snots like yourself at christmas, paying a little at a time over the course of two months minimizes the impact of the purchase for customers, which includes the middle class.

    The fact of the matter is that I (like many) have spent well over $75,000 over the course of those last ten years in this store. Why is this??? Because they have a great selection of merchandise, the best prices and have always met my desires when dealing with items that I have had to return.

    I usually don’t have anything bad to say about this store, but it still doesn’t change the fact that over the last ten years, I have molded myself into using Wal-Marts layaway as part of a traditional Christmas shopping practice.

    It really is too bad that I will have to drop that chunk of Christmas cash over at “Gay”-Mart now, because their selection and prices are no match for Wal-Mart. But that’s just the way it is going to have to be. For those who think that Wal-Mart will not lose money on the deal…
    You will see that Wal-Marts Christmas sales will be way down compared to K-Marts.

    Well, I’ve said my piece. [sarcasm]Ima off ta duh welfare offise to git ma cheeze certificate… Git ‘er done![/sarcasm]

    Matt from Maine

  34. ericah534 says:

    Not only is layaway great because of the low payments, but after a few payments, what you layed away is yours in full without large payments left owed to the credit card companies. It is also a great way to keep those Christmas presents out of the house until last minute so that the curios little ones won’t find their gifts and ruin all of the fun and surprise out of Christmas! And yes, a lot of people (myself included) use layaway because their credit score sucks because of stupid mistakes being made by growing up. But I am not a redneck, I am a single mother of one, I work a full time job, and I don’t get child support. But my credit isn’t that great, so Walmart won’t give me a credit card. I’m sorry that we all aren’t perfect. I am now a loyal K-Mart shopper. Thank you, Walmart!

  35. ericah534 says:

    Not only is layaway great because of the low payments and no outstanding debts to credit card companies with high interest rates, but it is also a great way to keep those Christmas presents hidden from curious little eyes! Some people, including myself, have a bad credit rating, and Walmart won’t give us a chance with a credit card to help us raise our score. I think it is a very inconsiderate thing to do to the people who can’t have or choose not to have credit cards. I am a working, single mother of one who does not recieve child support, and I don’t have the money to pull out of my ass to give my son a nice Christmas without layaway. So I am now a loyal K-Mart shopper. Thank you, Walmart!

  36. ericah534 says:

    Not only is layaway great because of the low payments without outstanding credit card debt, but it is also a great way to keep those Christmas presents hidden from curious litte eyes! I am a working single mother of one who can’t get a credit card due to bad credit. Am I a redneck or a bad, scummy person? No, I’m not. I think that if Walmart is doing away with their layaway program, they should at least give people like me a chance to raise their credit rating by giving us a credit card with a low credit amount and let us prove ourselves. I think it a very inconsiderate thing to do. I am now a loyal K-Mart shopper. Thank you, Walmart!

  37. texasgirl says:

    I have a high credit score, my kids are grown, and I work 60 hour weeks in a job I love. I am also a regular layaway user. I like it for several reasons: My family is large, so I use it for gift purchases rather than buying a large group at one time. When I find a particular item for a gift, I lay it away so it will be available when I need to give it. I prefer to make payments to the layaway rather than pay interest on a credit card. I choose to not have any credit cards. Furniture, linens, clothes, toys, small appliances and gifts are what I layaway. While I live in a city, rural Wal-Marts may alienate more customers than they realize by emliminating layaway. Contrary to popular belief not every American feels the need to carry credit cards. But then again, I don’t go to Starbucks for my caffeine either. I will garantee that my dollars will be used in other stores once layaway stops.

  38. tnbelle says:

    Walmart has just discovered another opportunity to get richer and make the poor get poorer. If you read the press release, they are pushing their own credit cards as an alternative to layaway. They may be without interest for 6 to 12 months, but they know this makes the consumer too comfortable using them and likely to carry a balance afterward.

    My family has what it needs, so I wouldn’t say we are poor, but big Christmas expenses for the kids and are huge families were greatly helped by using layaway. It’s alot easier to know you have to pay so much each paycheck than it is to save the money ahead of time without some other emergency taking from it.

    I always loved Walmart until this year. In the past 12 months, they have doubled and tripled pricing on many items and discontinued many many more. Our store NEVER has anything you need in stock so it’s a 15 mile drive to the next one to buy what you need. As someone said, Walmart is going after the upscale consumer now at the expense of the people who made them a retail giant in the first place.

    Walmart won’t lose business? I drive right by Target a few times a week and find myself stopping in more and more for planned shopping since for the first time ever, Target is less expensive on many items that I buy weekly. I also find myself looking online for alternate resources, usually with lower or comparable pricing including shipping. I know I’m not the only one so I can only hope others do the same and start taking away some of Walmart’s power.

  39. Cinderella says:

    It isn’t about rich or poor. I would say 95% of the people who use layaway, do it to give their children a great Christmas. I have three children. I started out poor and have progressed in my finances to the point that I am comfortable. My kids do not ask for much and I have taught them to appreciate what they do get, because we have been without things needed. However, I remember being a child myself. To this day I can not tell you how, but Mom always made it seem like we had a hundred gifts to open. Although I do not know for sure, over the years I have suspected the layaway program. It has given me the opportunity to purchase all the things at Christmas that give my child memories like I had and am glad to have. Now, my mother was a single mother of two as I am of three. But her children and mine have not been affected by it.

    If they do choose to end layaway, my children probably will be. It will be hard to acquire gifts on a credit card I do not have or to get one with the credit I do not have. I can save the cash as if I was making a payment, but if I get a flat tire, I will use that money to change it and then be thankful I did not have to ask someone for a loan that I could not get anyway.

    Some of the comments made here really have been horrible. The only way I can respond, is by saying I hope you never become one of those that you so easily dismiss. Why? They will make it through, but the spirit you carry will be crushed by true hard times. And should these times fall upon you, I hope they do not break you completely.

  40. ksmith says:

    Iam not poor,but i use layaways. I see stuff that i wanna get that i cant go and get all at once. At Christams especially when u buying things for more than one child it can get expensive. Last yr it was 600 dollars and if wasnt for layaways then i dont know. I am single mother and the dad doesnt help. So i do think that it is goingto hurt alot people. By the way to the narrow minded folks that think u have to be poor to use it, u have alot to learn.Think about this too u cant be too poor if u have 60-90 days to get it out and your layaways is 400 plus casue u have to make them payments. That is not alot of time when u got other bills, but narrow minded people dont think about that. Layaways help alot.

  41. ksmith says:

    I agrre layaways has nothing to to with being poor. It helps. People that need things and cant get it all right now but want to get it before it is all gone. I am a single mother of 2 and layaways help me out alot. When u have more than one child having to buy the things they need all at one timeis hard when it’s gonna cost you alot to get it. Christmas especailly last yr i spent 600 on my girls. If it wasnt for layaways they wouldnt have gotten all the stuff they got. SO layaways help alot of people out including me i sue them and i love it. For the narrow minded people that think you have to be poor to use layaways.. think about this layaways help when you bills mortgage,kids car note. You cant be too poor if u got a roor over your head,bills a vehicle and YOu are paying your bills.Wal-Mart just dont understand how that is going to hurt alot of poeple that count on beening able to put their childern things on layaway. That is going to get alot of other retailers their business on that alone.

  42. lorlor1982 says:

    I cannot belive what some of you are saying about layaways. It is not just for poor people. I for one use layaway at christmas so i can get my 2 beautiful children gifts without them finding them. My husband and i dont have credit card nor do we want any, the majority of our nation is in serious trouble due to the peices of plastic. I for one do not want to be in debt up to my ears because i charged everything to a card. Layaway is a simple way to get what you need with no intrest and with no worry about your children finding gifts. I think it is horrible what Walmart is doing…they pay their workers next to noting(coming from first hand experiance) and work them to the bone. And for you who say walmart is loosing profit on layaways….Walmart profited 77 BILLION last year after taxes. I think they can afford to keep layaway around to help out those of us who use it.

  43. acomer says:

    I am upset that Walmart will not be having layaway anymore. I only purchase things at Walmart because I can put it on layway when they have it in stock. I get paid only once a month and if I have to pay cash then I will go to the mall and buy it there. It doesn’t matter how they price it and what designers come there, kids don’t want clothes bought at Walmart. I also have to budget Christmas gifts and Walmart layaway means that I don’t have to shop in the crazy crowds. I think it is a mistake and I know that people will always shop at Walmart but I think they will be stuck with some items and will have to do a lot of markdowns to get rid of excess stock.
    Don’t want to help out the “little people”? We’ll go elsewhere!

  44. sm81169 says:

    Boy there are some real “hoity toity” people out there! Not everybody has or wants a credit card. Why pay more than you have to? Lets see you pay the price plus the tax and dont forget the INTEREST. Credit cards will put you in debt. Walmart looks to making more money out of this. Layaway is not only for the poor. We are “comfortable”. We probably pay out between $1000-$1500 on Christmas, and we are only a family of four. That is not counting buying for family gift exchanges. We still use layaway. Most of you need to stop judging people. I hate people who think they are better than anybody else and think their crap dont stink.

  45. Angeleyes says:

    A big part of the decision to phase out the layaway plan at Wal-mart is because they want Targets consumers, notice Target doesn’t have layaway either. But what Walmart doesn’t realize is that a majority of their business is from middle to low class or people who like to get comparative pricing. Taking out layaway will decrease their holiday sales. I look forward to putting a majority of my purchases on layaway near the holidays so that I don’t have to make multiple shopping trips, I can make payments, and I only have to deal with the overpopulated, headache of a parking nightmare that is wal-mart. If I wanted to deal with bad parking I would go to the mall at least then it’s worth it (multiple shops)!!!!

  46. butrpcantan says:

    I am a single mother that works at CIGNA Healthcare and DO NOT just sit on my behind collecting government assistance (or any other assistance in that case). So for you who think that those are they people who use layway, AWAKE UP! I think that layaway is a big help and a great alternative to credit cards and their high ass interest rates. For those who down layaway must have great credit or either greatly declining credit because of all your interest rates due to the use of your goody-two-shoes credit cards. Which using them only mean you really DON’T have the money right now to purchase what you want and you are basically using the same concept of layaway except your are paying MORE for the product (interest). That DUMB!!!!! So before you look down your long noses at peolpe who use it, re-evaluate your ACTUAL financial situation.

  47. tls says:

    I also think its a big mistake to get rid of the layaway plan it has been a god send for me over the years, it helps me not to use my credit cards Im not poor just smart. The only other store that does layaway is Kmart. Maybe there business will increase.

  48. CoderKim says:

    I think it is an absolutely horrible idea to get rid of layaway. Like everyone has said, for the people that do not have credit cards and high interests rates, layaway is a life saver to them. I think it will be in worst interest to do away with layaway…

  49. thyme1968 says:

    I think its rediculious that they are doing away with the layaway plan especially when you want to purchase items such as computors or televisions or any other items that are costly.Now I’m thinking on doing my shoping at Target, K-Mart,Best Buy,or circiut City where I know that I have that option of layaway. And not to mention that I thought that Wal-Mart was a family friendly franchise that catered to the consumers needs. I don’t own credit cards or checks so I buy with cash and and I would like to shop whrer I know I have the option of the lawaway plan.

  50. CHERIJ1 says:

    I beleive Walmart should keep their layaway regardless of the decline. One, people like myself do not have credit cards, two, people with large families use layaway to buy birthday, holiday ( Christmas),etc. gifts,and this is also how big families buy clothes for their children. Lastly, they will be loosing alot of money as well as customers. In the long run, MONEY is being lost. Can’t stay in business like that. What other department stores that have layaway will make more money and business because the lack of common sense for Walmart to do away with layaway. Walamrt is where I do my shopping and now I would have to go some place like Target that is taking up layaway that use to not have it and I do not like Target.

  51. MOMOF2 says:

    Some of us do need layaway! We dont have credit cards and dont want them. Christmas is a great time to put things on layaway for those of us who cant afford to get everything at once or pay cash for. There are some of us who are single parents and are on a budget! With no or little help from the other parent. School clothes are also a good time to put things on layaway. It gets expensive to clothes 2 teenage girls! I think Walmart is making a BIG mistake. I shop Walmart ALL the time, they have low prices and good quality things. I can go grocery shopping there and spend less there than at Cub. They should change their mind on getting rid of layaway! Alot of people will be affected!

  52. momma2 says:

    I have two sons, and we are by no means poor but we arent rich either. So YES we do use the layway offered by wal mart, for christmas gifts and birthdays. I donot have a credit card nor do I want one, so for those of us who are in this postion, layway is a god sent. I think that it is rude and unwal-mart like to say the hell with the common people………What about the angel tree they do every year? Those parents use layway, so in other words, lets get ride of layway, so we can continue to by for these kids, but not our own…..

  53. CHERIJ1 says:

    I beleive that Walmart should keep their layaway. For one, even though there may have been a decline in the use of the layaway, there are a lot of people that depend on layaway. They use it to buy birthday gifts, Christmas gifts,etc. People with BIG FAMILIES depend on layaway to buy clothes for their children because they can’t afford to pay for them all at one time. And the same goes for buying birthday and Christmas gifts. Secondly, Not everybody has credit cards or gift cards to pay for their merchadise. This is why people like myself USE LAYAWAY. Lastly, Walmart will loose alot of money because of distinguishing layaway. For one, people will go to other department stores like K-Mart who is keeping their layaway and Target who is picking it up. They will be the ones making the profit off of layaway. Secondly, Walmart might could go out of business because of doing away with their layaway because they are not making the money to stay in business. And, if they raise prices because of not having no layaway and suppossedly having difficulty paying their employees, then they will loose their employees as well as customers. It’s their stupidity for distinguishing layaway because all of the above reasons and because of this I will have to give other department stores my layaway business because they do not want to make this extra profit I guess you’d call it. If they do not want my money, so be it. I’ll take my business else where and it will be Walamart’s lost because of the lack of common sense on this issue and the other department store(s) will have the profit and not them.

  54. Cherarnold says:

    I think Walmart should keep layaway. With three teenagers, I’ve used it every single Christmas. I don’t use credit cards and would prefer to continue using layaway. I like the fact that you can pick your items, pay on them each payday and not have to find a place to stash them in hiding from the kiddos. I use it throughout other times of the year too. PLEASE KEEP LAYAWAY WALMART!!

  55. MommyG4 says:

    My mother (a Walmart employee) recently informed me of this news. My heart sank. Not for me, but for the people who use the layaway progam at Walmart. I am a former Walmart employee and know that there are many families that used the progam during Christmas.

    For those use have used the layaway, I do have a suggestion that might just assist in your no more layaway problems. Put away $20 per paycheck that you would have normally used on the layaway and when you have the funds, make the desired purchase. It does help if you don’t go into it before hand.

  56. methodykal says:

    Walmart is smart they are getting rid of Layaway and getting the new Walmart Credit card.
    Now credit cards are the way to go I mean why not now they can eploit the poor bastards who really think that by collecting in excess of 28% interest. Its pretty obvious what they are doing they just announced the price wars. Well Hell yeah they are making money off your interest.Oh well I’ll benefit from your loss by paying with cash.But let me ask you this “Whats in your wallet”

  57. georgianna says:

    everyone is saying,so what people use credit cards now!not everyone can get credit cards,not everyone is rich like the big shots at the head of wal-mart!my father is a coal miner raising a family of 7,he is helping raise other peoples kids that are unwanted.we need wal-marts layaway,we count on it.the big shots at the top need to come to the poor side of town and talk to the people,get their side.wal-mart says its losing money….not! this company wont be hurt by keeping layaway…..we will.after all look how much that company is worth.we have to suffer because some guy wants a third hummer!

  58. motherof2greatkids says:

    I think that k-mart is going to get alot more business than they are expecting this holiday season. I cannot believe that consumer giants like Wal-Mart would be stupid enough to get rid of something that is so lucrative to their business! I work in a Sales and Marketing office and I spend on average $800.00 or more a year on Christmas let alone all the other things that young children need (school clothes, and things like that) Wal-mart is going to be really sorry that they let the opportunity for profit pass on to thier competitor. Like they say stupid people shouldn’t breed!

  59. layawayqueen says:

    I have always been one of the first ones in the door the day after Thanksgiving to get the good bargains or just to get things for my family and then headed for layaway. I even use layaway throughout the year. Some of us do not have very good credit or don’t want to pay the service charges on credit cards. I have eight neices and nephews and multiple families and friends that I pay for each year. Layaway has always been very helpful. I don’t use shopping cards because that is too impersonal so this year I am not sure what I will do.
    Guess maybe K-Mart will get alot more of my business.

  60. roadready48 says:

    My husband and I have 7 children and we have relied on layaway for all of our christmas, back to school, birthdays, etc. Some people cannot get credit cards or do not want to attempt to because of interest rates that they charge now days. Walmart always has refunded our money if we could not pick something up by the deadline and they have always sent us a little reminder card in the mail to let us know we can come pick up our money or pick up the merchandise. Some people out there do need to remember the little people out there that do bust their butts and just are able to keep their heads above water. Just like if you have a credit card does not mean you are rich you just may have made better choices in life and have the advantage of that option. My kids are my life and doing away with the layaway just makes it that much harder to see that they get as close as we can to what they want. And those that say “what is a layaway anyway? Come on don’t be a dumb ass”

  61. teresalght says:

    Walmart is cutting their own throat when they do away with layaway. They are trying to get the attention upperclass people instead of the working class of families. Not everyone has a credit card some don’t even want one. Layaway is one of those things that give you a little time with money in case you are running low that week pay next week. What about those without credit or credit problems what does that do for them wanting something nice, getting christmas, birthdays etc…

  62. ruthalex says:

    I was “floored” when I found out Wal-Mart would no longer have a lay-a-way. It’s the idea things for some people, including myself. Some of the clerks were saying that it’s because of all of the extra trailers Wal-Mart had to rent, and 90% of the lay-a-ways were cancelled. It doesn’t make sense to me because if 90% were cancelled, there was an awful lot of 10 percenters who were getting out their lay-a-ways for Xmas, because of the long wait we had in line.

    I have put my items in L/A for years the day after Thanksgiving to take advantage of the “Blitz Purchases”. I will now take my business to K-Mart because they still offer the L/A. Sorry Wal-Mart, you used to be my store.

  63. scotslady_1 says:

    PLEASE – don’t take away the layaway! We are Grandparents on a fixed income and layaway is the only possible way we can afford to get our grandchildren gifts. We use layaway all year long, not just at Christmas time. Perhaps this idea should be further analyzed before you decide to eliminate it all together. If you do take the layaway out of Wal-Mart, there will be LOTS AND LOTS of people going to other department stores to shop. Is this cost effective for Wal-Mart?

  64. Saints says:

    I am not poor nor rich but I have used layaway at Walmart. It is great to be able to pay monthly for something that you don’t actually want taking up space in your home yet or need to hide from its recipients. And on the rare occasions that I did cancel a layaway I lost nothing; Walmart always gave me a full refund of my deposit.

  65. jenkins923 says:

    I think that taking the layaway out is a bad thing because it helps me make sure that I have the thing that my children ask foe and besides that it also keeps them hidden in a safe place from them at christmas. You don’t realize that there are still people that can’t afford to just go out here an buy things everyday and there are some people that do not want credit card debt. WHAT ADOUT US DO WE NOT COUNT?

  66. hallmaar says:

    Anyone else happy that Walmart reported a sales loss for November? AND that their web site crashed for hours on Black Friday? You reap what you sow. Target and K-mart here I come. BTW – I boycotted Walmart on Friday.

  67. ramirez1597 says:

    Walmart lay away should stay open for every one especialy for those people who don’t have credit cards, low income. Please Some one do some thing! We all want Walmart Lay away….

  68. clifton38 says:

    It was a huge mistake on the part of Walmarts. People in this reigion use layaway because they don’t have credit, they are living hand to mouth. They might have lost their homes (1 in 80 homes here in SE MI is in foreclosure, house sales are dead as a door nail, so you if can’t make a mortgage payment you will lose your home), you can’t get a secured credit card unless you can put up the cash in advance. If you had the cash, you wouldn’t need the secured credit card. You use layaway to stash the toys and clothes when you see them at a good price. Especially Christmas items. Then you try to scrape up enough money to bail it out. If you don’t, you get your money back at Walmarts, but if you can pull it off, your kids get a Christmas.

    Walmarts has to pay to store the layaway. At our local store, they rent off site storage for some products to make room for layaway storage. Layaway cancellations come back on the floor off seaon – like snow boots when the snow has melted, so they don’t always sell. Walmart calculated they would save some dollars by dropping layaway.

    Walmart forgot two things: showing goodwill to the customer, and the fact that bringing a shopper into a store creates side important revenue. A customer comes in to put school clothes on layaway (the second most important reason for layaway after Christmas) and buys groceries etc just because they are in the store. Those impulse buys are now moved to KMart. The low income shopper is Walmart’s base customer – obviously, since Walmarts is the cheapest.

    I watched a sad young mother’s face when she found out she couldnt put the clothes and toys into layaway. Her friend said “you are screwed, we’ll have to put everything back’. They did, and they left to find a store that would give them ‘poor-man’s credit’ which is what layaway is for everyone at the bottom of the middle class, the lay-offs, the people with high medical bills, those being hounded for late rent.

    Walmarts spends a lot of money on tv ads. They should have kept layaway through Christmas and advertised the fact that they were doing it to help the customers they love. Instead they kicked people who are down just before ChristmaS. They will need some good PR now to get those customers back.

  69. mamacash says:

    thanks for ruining my kids christmas………oh but wait i went to K MART and they let me have a lay away so my kids’ hearts weren’t broke. thanks for nothing walmart, you just lost a customer!!!!!!

  70. Malynda says:

    Granted I do think that Wal-Mart HAS made a huge mistake. Some states like Texas NO longer have a K-Mart to put stuff in layaway. But I have heard that Target is talking about getting Layaway and IF that happens.. I see Wal-Mart changing their minds and bringing it back!!

    By the way.. normally you only put 10% of how much the bill was (ex. if it was $200 you gave them $20, etc). If you cancelled it they gave you your money back.. ALL OF IT! At least in Texas they do. Now if you waited too long they would take so much out of it, but who can blame them? Not I!

    Anywho, like I said, I’m waiting for Target to get one and watch Wal-Mart open theirs back up!

  71. robela03 says:

    I was almost devastated when I was in walmart not more then 60 min ago and walked to the layaway counter only to find there wasnt one anymore. I am not poor nor am I rich, my husband is a US soldier. Using layaway allowed me to buy the clothes my kids are going to need in the near future without braking the bank all at once. I am truly sad that walmart has done this to a loyal customer

  72. lishahic says:

    For those that use layaway, if you have a Meijers in your area, they have layaway. Meijers also changes the price of your layaway if the items you put in were discounted or clearenced. So, there for, you will get what ever item you put in for the cleanrenced price, even if it was full price when you put it in layaway. Walmart didn’t even do that for it’s customers. Kmart also offers layaway. And while I am not a big fan of Kmart,(prices are higher, they don’t offer as much etc..) I would rather spend my money there now, than to give it to Walmart. They profit 10 billion a year still can’t give their employees health care, or provide customers with layaway. @#$% Them. I’ll go some where else, where my business is wanted. Bet ya Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, is turning in his grave. His goal for Walmart was to offer quality and quantity at prices that the average person could afford. His company has turned into some greedy corporate heap that he would probably dispise. Walmart is no longer for the average family. The ceo’s are trying like hell to appeal to the wealthier families, thinking that if they do, it will be that much more of a profit. Even if they do bring layaway back, I will no longer shop there. Walmarts quality has gone to zilch. I bought a TV for my kids from Walmart and it quit working in 2 weeks. I took it back and they tried to refuse to exchange it because I didn’t have the box. In the end I did win the arguement and the TV was exchanged but the point is that if I hadn’t have won the arguement I would have been spent 115 dollars with nothing to show for it, all because I didn’t save a box, that I didn’t have the room for.
    It is nice to shop for everything in one store, but I can do that at Meijers also. They even offer some of the same brand of clothes that JC Pennies offers. Plus name brand shoes that can be put into layaway.
    If you dont have a Meijers in your area, see what you can do to bring one in. They have everything that Walmart does. The prices may be a tad higher, but their quality is much better, so your actually getting more out of your money.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Many of us still use layaway!!Just one of many reasons why I am disappointed in Walmart! I have used the Walmart layaway for the last 15 years to purchase Christmas gifts for my children-I will go elsewhere to purchase gifts this year, Walmart will lose money on this decision. I don’t have credit cards, nor do I want them.I agree with one of the statements above, their quality has gone downhill and their employees are not treated right either.I live paycheck to paycheck and layaway saved me so many times. I know so many people that used the layaway and all of them are going elsewhere for their Christmas shopping this year. Boo Walmart!

  74. plasterize says:

    I am a working man,paid by the hour,and have always found lay away to be an affordable way to buy the larger,expensive items.Credit cards,as very few have mentioned,come with a price,a 12 to 25 percent price.Maybe some people don’t mind paying an extra quarter on every dollar but I do.I will definitely go where the lay away plan is and I’m dissapointed in Wal Mart for doing away with it.