Gawker Launches Idolator Blog

There is a new blog among the Gawker brethren. It is called Idolator. It has a site design and logo that cost several more dollars than ours, but don’t hold that against them. After all, who doesn’t love jewels on poki-stick pink? Sibling rivalry aside, Idolator will definitely be about music in the same fashion that Defamer is about cinematography. That’s not a diss. HQ says, “Idolator is focused on the digital music space and the bands who rise and fall in it — the universes of iTunes, MySpace, and Hype Machine — rather than, say, the world of tourdates.”

A&R reps, promoters and tour bus tailpipe suckers of all ages, your reaper most grim has a love ballad written just for you.

Go forth and enjoy Idolator!

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