Consumerist Ask Metafilter Round-Up

• I bought some nice down pillows for myself, and they smell really weird! [Link]

• How much to tip the Peapod delivery person? [Link]

• If I don’t care where I’m going, and I want to pay as little as possible for a round-trip ticket (over a few days) what’s the best way to do it? [Link]

• Is it legal to sell iPods preloaded with music? [Link]

• Why would I want to purchase Air Miles? Specifically AAdvantage Miles. Is the cost of purchasing miles saving you money on the cost of a flight? i.e. Is the value of air miles greater than their purchase value when redeemed for a flight? [Link]

• I live in NYC, and had AOL for Broadband for my internet service provided to me through Time Warner. AOL recently waived their fee’s and is now free. I am left paying Tie Warner about $45 bux a month for broadband service…..I wanna find something cheaper, yet just as fast and efficient… [Link]

• Why is my credit score so high? [Link]


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  1. Haha, “why is my credit score so high?”

    Let’s come up with a few more Metafilter questions in that vein.

    “Why am I so irresistable to women?”

    “Why is my house so beautiful?”

    “Why is my health so abundantly perfect?”

    “Why do I have such such exceptional stamina in bed?”

    “My package is enormous. Why are there no bicycle seats to accomodate this?”