Update: State Farm Isn’t All There


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  1. Elsewhere says:

    I totally get that Rick can prove he was out of the country at the time of the hit-and-run, but….

    Rick’s whereabouts at the time of the accident is irrelevant. The whereabouts of Rick’s car is.

    And while the license plate mix-up accounts for all the ensuing grief, exactly how is this a consumer complaint and not a legal issue? A hit-and-run is a crime. The insurance company is performing a private investigation. (The assumption would be that the SF Police Department is performing an official one.)

    Who exactly is “consuming” what that causes this to be a consumerist story? And what, aside from sympathy and perhaps validation, does Rick expect from a consumerist website at this point, aside from strategy and (probably bad) legal adice?

  2. Oh, come on, Elsewhere. State Farm is a B2C company that sells a whole lot of insurance to a whole lot of people. The subject of their being inept douchebags (or not) is entirely germane to potential consumers of car insurance (us).

    Given that I’m actually insured by these guys, I definitely want to know as much as I can about how they conduct themselves in this or any other situation that may affect me as a guy who drives a car daily.

  3. Ben Popken says:

    State Farm is a company acting stupid.

  4. bambino says:


  5. AcilletaM says:

    – Again.

  6. Smoking Pope says:

    I still say make them come to you, or get a warrant from the police (who may be able to bring a little sanity to the table).

    And I also still say to ask for a credit for all the time you’ve spent dealing with these nimrods.

    (Another fun thing to do would be to mess with their heads. Fill up the back seat with watermelons and a large container of KY.)