Plastic Battery Invented!

Engineers at Brown have invented a battery that uses plastic, instead of metal, to conduct electricty. The new device, “marries the power of a capacitor with the storage capacity of a battery.”

Exciting stuff, but the question on everyone’s tongues is… does this mean it won’t go Hiroshima in my laptop?


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  1. Yep says:

    Good. Maybe lady einstein can walk that sucker down the street to the Tah-get in Wah-wick and pop it in the granma-go.

  2. exkon says:

    Interesting..hopefully they won’t overheat and start melting the plastic.

    But oh no, it could be used explode an airplane and can’t be detected by metal detectors!

  3. chrissy2006 says:

    well, that is quite a surprise! how did they do it? sure it will not caught on fire?