More Lies Verizon Told Us

Coming in a year later than the original post, a Gizmodo reader wrote in to supplement their Lies Verizon DSL Support Has Told Me Today post of May 25th, 2005.

Gizmodo doesn’t post complaints. But heck, we do. Some Verizon lies added to the list, according to Matt W?

1) It will cost $200 to send a tech to finish the job that he didn’t finish the first time.

2) Me: “Please call before you come” Verizon: “Oh of course the tech will, we will make sure they do.”

3) I am told that a tech is coming today, the 8th. I wait around all day. Then at 6:30, I call in frustration. Verizon: “Oh, you’re not scheduled until the 18th.”

4) “Your call is important to us.”

5) When the tech does come, he claims that my modem isn’t getting enough power because I have too many outlets. This somehow affects my upload speed. “It’s a miracle your computers work with this electrical problem!” he cries, then proceeds to pull out the plugstrip to my 14 hard-drive server. As the server crashes, he exclaims triumphantly: “See? It’s loose!”

This same genius tech apparently yelled at Matt when he claimed it was a line issue, not a power issue. “It doesn’t matter what you think it is!”

This is fun. Jump into the comments and let’s supplement the list with even more lies Verizon has told us.

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