Finally Found Nice WiFi Spot in Brooklyn

Maybe it was so hard to find the perfect Brooklyn blog spot because it didn’t exist. Barnes and Noble and their lack of electrical outlets certainly didn’t do it. In The Tea Lounge we ended up pulling the Pacman machine cord just to get the publicly breast-fed toddlers away. Then, moments before the razor penetrated our wrist flesh, Palo Santo opened.

Free WiFi. Friendly staff. Free iced coffee refills. Lush but chill South American rainforest influenced atmosphere. Nobody’s there. A zesty corn soup was simply scrumptious. Other authentic selections on the menu are tasty, well-priced, and sensibly portioned. I pumped out posts like a lipo machine.

My new blog spot is located at 652 Union Street in Brooklyn. Please don’t come or tell anyone about it.


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  1. Gari N. Corp says:

    Heh, I wondered how long it would take ya to plug it. It’s very hard to make out what they’re up to in there. Presumably erecting giant green nets made of exquisite Ecuadorian filigree to keep the groupies out.

  2. Soulgenesis says:

    exhaust? or exist?

    Anyway, that place looks like quite a comfortable place. A nice rustic environment with good food and modernized enough to accomodate the tech crowd.

    I like it. I wish there was one close where I live. (Hawaii) and NOT a starbucks.

    Or maybe there is, I should really search better. lol.