Consumerist Ask Metafilter Round-Up

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• Why is my credit score so high? [Link]

• Why is my credit score so high? [Link]

• How do I get over my fear of moving? How do New Yorkers deal with this overblown rental market? [Link]

• What do I do to contest an unfair cell phone bill? [Link]

• Anyone know a shopping cart with an referral system? [Link]

• When I read about people putting 10% down for mortgage financing, how are they achieving this with invesment properties which are not owner-occuopied? [Link]

• For an eyebrow wax in a small, non-fancy neighborhood nails-and-waxing-only place ($10 tops), do I tip the waxer? [Link]

• I just received a bill for taxes on a car I sold in 2001. The taxes are for 2001, 2002, 2003. I have the VIN – but I’ve moved about 8 times since then, and am not hopeful that I can find a copy of the bill of sale or transfer of title. How can I prove that I didn’t own the car during that time? [Link]

• Several days ago, I found an unauthorized charge (a $40 withdrawal from savings) on my bank statement. I called my bank (Bank of America, Seattle customer, FWIW) and they confirmed that the withdrawal was made from an ATM in the area. Now I have a few more questions.[Link]

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