Helmann’s Spreads It Thin

Provoked by our post on the same, Derrick was enraged that Hellman’s has reduced the size of their mayo jars from 32 to 30 oz, while keeping the same price. He wrote them a letter and here’s how the sandwich Nazis responded:

Hi Derrick,

Thanks for writing!

We apologize for any inconvenience. Hellmann’s/Best Foods has always taken great pride in offering the highest quality products at reasonable and fair prices.

Due to inflationary pressures brought about by the increased costs of raw materials, rather than raise our prices, we chose to reduce the size of the 32 oz quart and 16 oz pint. This is the first time since February 2003 that Hellmann’s/Bestfoods has had to pass along our increase in costs to our consumer.

We appreciate your interest!
Your friends at Hellmann’s

Well, at least they actually read Derrick’s letter and addressed his specific concerns, unlike a certain frosted breakfast treat. Although it is strange that throughout the letter the company is referred to as Hellmann’s/BestFoods, except at the sendoff. Does this mean that BestFoods is/are not our friends?

This is what Derrick originally wrote in the comment box on Hellman’s website:

“Just to let you know, I think it’s horrible that you have “secretly” reduced the size, but not the price, of your 32(now 30) oz Mayo. This is bad marketing, and I’m glad that someone
pointed it out to me. I’ll have to make better choices when I purchase I guess.”