See Only Craigstlist Pictures

Shopping for stuff on Craiglsist is an enjoyable way to meet strangers in parking lots and get jacked for all your goods, but you have to click in and out of listings in order to see the pictures. No longer, Listpic grabs the Craiglistings and shows only the pictures. You can click on the pictures and the original post text, with all the contact info, pops up. Neat!


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  1. Elsewhere says:

    Electronics, apartments, used furniture? Who cares, where’s Personals? Where’s Services? (OK, only Erotic Services, but where are they?) Cowards and wusses they are, these people.

  2. Manue says:

    Elsewhere: just replace the last whree letters in the url

    Ex. For sale =
    Personals =

  3. trixare4kids says:

    As of Sunday afternoon, it appears to be down.

    >>Sorry guys, “This IP address has been automatically blocked by craigslist due to abuse” …I’ll try to fix it”

    Too bad, I hope it does get fixed – I liked it while it lasted.

  4. Soulgenesis says:

    keep in mind, that not all cities/countries work.

    for example, japan goes nowhere. ;) and Manue is right about the letter replacements. :) i use it for rant&rave (rnr)

  5. Ben Popken says:

    Seems to be working fine now.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Noticed that they had Personals, but only fundamentalist approved posts for flings, adulterous affairs and owners of maids uniforms tragically separated from owners of 4″ heels. Guess if you’re a boy that likes kissing boys, girls that like kissing girls, or boys that like girls that like kissing girls, you’re outta luck.

    Like how they explain their offering hetero-only Personals picture torrents by saying “18+ Sections Removed.” Umm, CL requires that ALL posters (even Jimmy Swaggart) be 18+.

    Sort of ironic, considering how progressive Craig’s List is. Maybe they should try listpicking Traditional Values Coalition’s site instead?

    (progressive sense of outrage fueled by bitter, bitter realization that I can’t see all of girls-kissing-girls pictures in greater Los Angeles area at a single click)

  7. ivieso says:

    I like looking at erotic section with listpic. No more clicking on each one, just naked girls all one screen =)