RSS Still Broken, Sorry!

Ah, our everburning frenemy, our RSS feed. There seems to be a persistent error where it malforms posts URLs.

Chase writes:

“You’ve had about 2 weeks to fix your broken RSS feed. Unfortunately, that’s how I read my news.
I won’t be reading consumerist anymore… talk about terrible customer service. Maybe you should do a post on yourself. I don’t expect a response, just thought I’d let you know why you lost my readership.”

Dan writes:

“It was borked, then fixed; for the last two days seems borked again., and if there was an acknowledgement, I missed it.”

The tech team is on the case. Just yesterday I received a note indicating they are aware of the problem. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. We apologize for the continued inconvenience.

As a token of our apology, please accept this Stainless Steel Divot repair tool.