Magical New Commenting System

As some of you have already noticed, we’ve added some exciting and significant upgrades to how comments work on The Consumerist.

Here’s the inside track on your awesome new powers.

Profile: In the comments on any post, click the “edit my user profile” button below the comments box. Here you can change your avatar, password or contact info.

Threads of glory/shame: By clicking on a user’s name, you can see all the comments they’ve ever made, across all the sites, in the context of the post they were in response too.

Avatars: You can now upload a 32 x 32 pixel picture that will appear next to your name in the comments.

New commenter approval: Now everyone can leave a comment, pending approval by our cabal. Simply type your comment, then enter a username and password. New commenters will get some confirmation screens and if your secret cabal of interns enjoys what you have to say, you’re in like Flint.

Go on and give it a shot and let us know how it works!


Edit Your Comment

  1. Do we need to re-upload an image if we’ve already sent in a larger pic for the avatar?

  2. Oh, nevermind.

  3. WMeredith says:

    Testing this a bit…

  4. RumorsDaily says:


  5. RumorsDaily says:

    Hmm, I don’t seem to have gotten a functional avatar. Damn you avatar system! Damn you!

  6. Triteon says:


  7. AcilletaM says:

    So we commenters are no longer special? Anybody can spout off?

  8. Ben Popken says:

    No, you’re still special. Commenters without logins only have their comments go up if we manual approve the comments.

  9. viriiman says:

    It’s nice to know that you no longer have to have some sort of ‘inside info’ to be able to comment on the site.

  10. Nifle says:

    OMG…I’m so posting a pic of me in my Spongebob Boxers!

  11. desonos says:

    Yes, but it definately makes us feel less special.

  12. Kluv says:

    Pretty neat. Fun times, guys.

  13. Hooray4Zoidberg says:


  14. Good news everyone!

  15. Ben Popken says:

    Crayon, btw, somehow your image became corrupt. You’ll need to reupload it.

  16. Yay for the onward march of technology!
    Now… when will we be able to edit our comments after making complete asses of ourselves by jumping the gun? Or will they still be preserved for posterity?

  17. Ben Popken says:

    Great idea, I’ll be sure to pass it on.

  18. Oh poo…it seems to have a problem with small pics…(mine is only 48×48)…guess I’ll have to find a bigger one.

  19. Ben Popken says:

    The recommendd size for avatars is 160X160, our system then auto-downsizes it to 32×32.

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  21. marge says:


  22. Triteon says:

    When I click on another user’s avatar I see their posts but my pic. This is important to me, as I really want to know which frame Hooray4Zoidberg chose.

  23. bambino says:

    Isn’t it ‘in like flynn’?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Whoa, I can leave comments? Almost makes me want to get an AOL account so I can write up my horror stories about leaving. Um, almost.

    @bambino: No, it’s “in like Flint”, as in Our Man Flint. These young whippersnappers….

  25. madderhatter says:

    Pretty sure it is.

  26. bambino says:

    Vsarkiss, I would suggest you reserve your use of the term ‘whippersnapper’ for those in my generation that are obsessed with Paris Hilton or otherwise braindead. I would hope that you would realize that the term ‘In like Flynn’ is the original, correct form of the term, in reference to Errol Flynn’s sexual exploits. Pothead hippy idiots bastardized the term into ‘in like flint’ in reference to the james-bond movie of the same name (1966), thereby ruining one of the greatest expressions. Ever.

    Peace – the whippersnapper

  27. RandomHookup says:

    I have to agree with bambino on this one. ‘In like Flynn’ is the earlier expression. ‘In Like Flint’ doesn’t even make sense (and it doesn’t rhyme). Kinda like the people who think the expression is “butt naked.”

  28. Triteon says:

    Score one for bambino. Though I do love those James Coburn movies. (“In Like Flint” was the sequel.)

  29. Brother Shotgun of Moderation says:

    @bambino: it’s Friday, you have to expect some whimsy, especially here. I guess I should’ve put a smiley in there. No offense meant, hopefully none taken.

    It appears “Flynn” is the correct version, although the derivation may be older than the Errol Flynn movies. Michael Quinion thinks so, anyway.

    BTW, this is still VSarkiss; I changed to my Unitarian Jihad Name.

  30. bambino says:

    I prefer snarkiness to niceties.

  31. Plasmafire says:

    Sweet, Thank You!

  32. AcilletaM says:

    Well, doesn’t all this really mean they’re both usable and interchangable? Use whichever you prefer.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Your new system for allowing people to leave comments is amazing, and the “preview as you type” window is high tech.

    new poster Noumenon

  34. Pelagius says:

    How long should it take for the changes to appear? Or is something wrong with FF. Let us see..

  35. BigFoot_Pete says:

    I never saw anything that would allow me to leave first time comments… is there a separate link/help for that?