Get A Human With Bringo. Maybe.

Good old Adam Pash over at Lifehacker wanted to make sure everyone here knew about Bringo, a service that calls customer service for you, automatically navigates the phone tree and then calls you back when they’ve got a human on the line.

Sounds swell. How does it work? Well, according to Adam, better in theory than execution:

    I tried using Bringo to call my cable company this morning, but it called me back as soon as the automated phone tree asked for my phone number. So it’s not quite perfect, since, unfortunately, that really didn’t save me any steps (well, except for the dialing), but it has potential.

Still, the service is free, it’s got a slick interface and it’s at least worth a shot in getting a human on the line. Of course, we would be surprised if any CSR, upon being told to “please hold for a customer”, didn’t just hang up with a smirk.

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