T-Shirt Contest: Results!

Here are the results of our fabulous tshirt contest.The winner is “I’m thinking of writing a strongly worded letter,” sent in by James C. And just because we feel like it, “Mystery Shopper,” sent in by David R., wins too. Congrats, guys. Contact us at tips at consumerist dot com to collect your prizes.

The outpouring of reader entries was great. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Now we send off these winners to our superstar design team and start raking in the dough. Any ideas on how we should go about designing these, graphic-wise?


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  1. mactbone says:

    How about a thought balloon for “I’m thinking?”

    I would like it if “Mystery” had a different color than shopper. Make the mystery part really standout.

  2. thesilentnight says:

    How about for the “strongly worded” there is a photo of a non-descript asexual male with a black bar across his mouth and a separte one across his fully extended middle finger (symbolizing his STRONG words). The phrase on the front could have and elipsis and then on the back it would say “… because of your commitment and level of service. Thanks for caring. Yours truly, a consumerist.com service/prodigy.”

  3. thesilentnight says:

    Instead of the non-descript asexual male you could always put in a 50’s style photo in the style like this shirt and make the guy smiling but still keep the black bar over his middle finger.


  4. “I’m thinking of writing a strongly worded letter”:

    Should include a silohuette of a man holding a molotov cocktail. Not airport friendly.

  5. Morgan says:

    Print the text of the letter one on (a graphical representation of) a piece of paper with cartoonish muscled arms on the sides.
    Or have the “I’m thinking” in a thought bubble, “a strongly worded letter” in the paper with arms, and “of writting” on its own between the two.

  6. all-over-prints are SOOO all the rage right now. How about an all over print of random things like price tags with a break in the middle for the text, which is just in quotes in a nice serif font.