HMVs Stormed With Defaced, Remixed Paris Hilton CDs

Ridiculing Paris Hilton for a lack of talent really is like beating an encephalic poodle with a sack of oranges until you exhaust yourself, only to find it still obliviously drooling out its tongue and staring at you with wide, flickerless eyes. You’re not getting through. And, personally, we tend to suppress an eye roll when guerilla consumerists sneak into shops and ruin the shopping experience of others to get across their obvious, fatuous message.

Still, we chuckled at this guerilla consumerist’s video documenting his campaign of replacing Paris Hilton’s latest album in 42 HMVs with his own, remixed version, replete with hot Hilton nudity and songs like “What Have I Done?” and “What Am I For?”

Not work safe, if your boss happens to see that giant, Photoshop smeared boob over your shoulder.


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  1. kimdog says:

    That’s not just any guerilla consumerist… thats Banksy, a well known graffiti artist and artistic prankster.

  2. njsykora says:

    Yeah, Banksy has quite a bit of experience with CD covers. He designed the sleeve for Blur’s Think Tank album. Arguably the best part of the album incidentally.

  3. fizzer fits says:

    Banksy is trully brilliant; beyond the wikipedia article, you really need to check out some of his work on his site as it’s a mind-bender:

    Off topic: Njsykora – Think Tank is an awesome album (cover and all)! Many fans panned it before listening to it because it was created sans Graham Coxon, and while the album is of a different flavour than Blur-with-Coxon, it definately stands out as a fantastic piece of work.

  4. How infantile and sad.

    Putting aside first and foremost that I am one of the few people who doesn’t hate Paris Hilton, and the fact that the album is NOT THAT BAD (if the same tracks had been put out under the name “Spears” or some random up-and-comer, people wouldn’t hate it, at least not solely because of who recorded it), this prank is hollow and meaningless.

    Sort of like that girl who knocked the Starbucks Frap, the messages on his version of the CD are sort of hollow considering that he clearly has enough money to afford some rather nice equipment. Likewise, while not super-rich, most people who are buying Paris’ album are probably not dirt poor. Certainly not the people who sit around moaning “If only people like Paris Hilton didn’t exist, and wealth were distributed evenly, I would be so much better off! Boo hoo!” which is, essentially, the message on the album. Hell, Britney Spears probably has more bank than Paris, but that clearly doesn’t matter to this character. (The wealth of the Hiltons is distributed evenly amongst all the members of the family, of which there are a lot, and so each Hilton is only worth a couple of million. Paris is one of the few who actually makes her own money via endorsements, appearances, etceteras)

    This would have been really, really funny though, back when I was a sophomore in high school still pretending to be a goth.

  5. Ishmael says:

    I’m of two minds on this one.

    As someone who doesn’t care much for Ms. Hilton, it’s pretty amusing to me that someone is pranking the stores selling her albums with tacky remixes.

    On the other hand, from a consumer standpoint, how shitty. Forget for a moment that it is Paris. Imagine if this was an album you were really looking forward to. You buy one of the pranked ones, and look what you get. Wouldn’t you be pretty pissed at the store? And so then the store is liable for someone’s idea of a joke? Not cool.

  6. kimdog says:

    Actually, I would kill to find one of those Banksy remixes. I bet they will be worth quite a bit more that the original CD. Banksy is not some random guy, he is well known artist. And while his work is contriversial, I am sure there are avid collectors out there who would be happy to pay for an original Banksy piece.

    It’s sort of like buying a cubic zirconia, and finding out later it’s a real diamond.

  7. Ben Popken says:

    Here’s a link to download the tracks:

  8. wikkit says:


    I don’t think anyone here is pushing socialist dogma or is bitter over Paris Hilton’s wealth. I think you kind of missed the humour.

    Paris Hilton didn’t become famous for musical talents or acting performance, she got famous from “One Night in Paris”. What she has done has been clever enough to profit off of the publicity. Bransky’s prank, albeit a bit juvenile, is a pretty clever jab at that.

  9. Hooray4Zoidberg says:

    I’m wondering how many Paris Hilton fans will even realize that they didn’t get the correct album.

  10. Why do you have a poodle in your head :-)?

    (You probably meant anencephalic.)

  11. fizzer fits says:


    Banksy works can go for well over 25 thousand British Pounds. I doubt the Paris CD stunt will be worth that much but the Banksy CD will definately be worth much more than what the purchaser bought the Paris Hilton CD for. So far, no consumers which received the Banksy CDs have complained, and the stores themselves seem to be having a chuckle at it (

  12. Ishmael says:

    Just looking at it from an American dumbass standpoint. I’ve never heard of this guy. What’s 25K in British pounds anyway? I thought everyone was on the Euro? :)

  13. AcidReign says:

    …..My wife was playing some of Paris’ tracks recently, and I was kind of shocked. She does sound equal to Britney and other chicks who’ve made it big along the “Wilson-Phillips” formula. It’s not my thing, though. Synth pop’s just too damned easy. Anybody with a computer can do it.

    …..There are a few young, talented female singers with actual skills out there: Alicia Keyes and Joss Stone, for instance.

  14. wikkit –

    Maybe nobody *here* is spouting socialist or quasi-socialist dogma, but the blips on the phonies sure do read that way, at least implicitly. It’s pretty anti-wealth, at least Anti-Paris’-Wealth.