HMVs Stormed With Defaced, Remixed Paris Hilton CDs

Ridiculing Paris Hilton for a lack of talent really is like beating an encephalic poodle with a sack of oranges until you exhaust yourself, only to find it still obliviously drooling out its tongue and staring at you with wide, flickerless eyes. You’re not getting through. And, personally, we tend to suppress an eye roll when guerilla consumerists sneak into shops and ruin the shopping experience of others to get across their obvious, fatuous message.

Still, we chuckled at this guerilla consumerist’s video documenting his campaign of replacing Paris Hilton’s latest album in 42 HMVs with his own, remixed version, replete with hot Hilton nudity and songs like “What Have I Done?” and “What Am I For?”

Not work safe, if your boss happens to see that giant, Photoshop smeared boob over your shoulder.