UPDATED: Get A Free Starbucks Iced Coffee. Not Really!

UPDATED: Argh! They’ve since changed their mind, again.

Last week, a printable Starbucks coupon for a Free Iced Grande coffee, good between noon and 9pm until the end of September, started making the rounds. It was surprisingly controversial, with various Starbucks refusing to honor it and the stigma of an inaccurate Digg levied against it.

But good news, o sucklers of the withered, mocha-brown Starbucks teat. It is indeed legit. Don’t believe us? Check Snopes.

There’s a PDF download here, courtesy of Spoofee. Get freeloading.

Edit: Jesus Christ, Starbucks. Make up your fucking mind. Snopes has now changed their status on this story, noting that it was true, but Starbucks has since changed their mind because the offer was sent to too many people. What. The. Fuck.


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  1. TedSez says:

    According to Snopes, the message this coupon was sent with said, “Please forward this invitation to everyone in your email address book.”

    Given that, how could they not have expected it to be distributed nationwide? That’s exactly what they were asking people to do!

    All I can say is, wotta buncha maroons.