Motorola V3i Stops Working For No Good Reason, Wants To Charge $175

ConsumerAvenger bought a Motorola RAZR v3i quad-band world cellphone on Ebay, with warranty. The phone had full bars wherever she went. Two months later, it stopped working completely.

Thus began her legendary journey with Motorla to get them to give her a working phone. At first they want her to send the phone back and pay $175. She rejects the offers and files complaints with the FCC, the FTC and the Florida Attorney General’s office. Not all at once, mind you. Just at various stages in the game as she maneuvers through the levels of “customer care” in gimlet-eyed pursuit of her goal: a working phone at no extra charge.

Following along her path, it becomes quickly apparent our she is one of the most informed and tenacious consumers we’ve ever heard of.

Read her IM’d story inside. It will peel your eyelids off.

UPDATE: Missing sections fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.








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