Fox News Reporters Fired For Being Too Tough on Monsanto Milk

In 1997, the investigative reporting duo of Steve Wilson and Jane Akre cracked a story about Monsanto’s conspiracy to push bovine growth hormone while ignoring the potential risks to its “end users.” Unfortunately, they worked for Fox News. The channel was extremely reticent, to say the least, to run the story after coming under pressure by Monsanto.

The piece could stand to lose the creepy music and overly dramatic reenactments of “scary corporate bigwigs” but its a story that bears repeating.

After being fired, the couple successfully sued under Florida’s whistleblower laws. However, Fox won on appeal as courts found FCC regulations against news falsification was a policy, and not a law. Fox then countersued in 2004 for court fees and legal costs.

[via The Field Report]