AT&T Loses 19,000 Credit Cards… Immediately Informs Customers!

There’s nothing interesting any more about companies systems getting compromised and tens of thousands of customer records suddenly glutting the Russian identity theft black market. In fact, when we read such a story, we stifle a yawn: “Again? Business as usual.”

The story, at this point, is always about the number of users affected, not the fact that the data was leaked. The details of the rest of the story are always the same: the company doesn’t bother telling anyone while they launch a ponderous “internal investigation” to decide which heads have to roll and how to spin it as not their fault.

But not this time. AT&T lost the details of over 19,000 customers over the weekend, including credit card details. But instead of covering it up, they immediately took to the phones to inform all affected customers. Not only that, they’re paying for credit monitoring services for their customers!

Guys, we realize hackers are a cowardly and superstitious — but ultimately quite wily — lot. We’d love it if you’d tightetn your security, and we’re disappointed that you keep fucking that up. But congratulations to AT&T for realizing that the security of their customers, not corporate inculpability, is the most important thing.

Hackers steal customer info from AT&T [CNN] (Thanks, Octavia!)

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