Foxconn Nukes iPod City Journalists From Orbit

Foxconn was ill-pleased with the allegations of two Chinese journalists that they had set-up massive iPod sweatshops in Rural Red Country. How ill-pleased are they? As they previously warned, they are suing these guys into oblivion.

Foxconn is attempting to sue Wang You, the journalist, and Weng Bao, the editor of China Business News for $3.77 million. If that seems like more money than a couple of Chinese newspapermen are likely to have, you’re probably right. Not only that, Foxconn has had the courts freeze all of their assets, locking them out of their cars and making them homeless.

After Apple released their report investigating the sweatshop claims, we were no longer suspicious, but if there’s something about the nuke-from-orbit response of Foxconn to the report that again raises our ire…

Journalists sued over iPod story [Engadget]

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