UPDATE: Cancel Verizon By Moving to Cambodia

It’s raining and dreary, a perfect day for an indoor project. Like forgery. To escape our Verizon contract, we told them we’re moving to Cambodia to work in the US Embassy. The 30 days for us to send them proof of this is coming up. We know this really pissed a lot of people off when we first did this so let us explain. We were told that one way to break your cellphone contract was to tell them you’re moving to an area out their service range. Cambodia certainly fits the bill. Almost too well, it can be argued.

Personally, we think the $175 terminations fees are a crock. Professionally, we want to see whether it really works or not. Be sure to check out our new blog, “Stuck in Folsom Prison.”

We don’t advise anyone doing this. This is a “do not try at home,” like wrestling on your roof or riding shopping carts down stairs.

(Yes, the letter looks like crap on purpose. Anyone know a free online fax service that doesn’t make you sign up for a monthly service?)

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