Crunch Gym Pleases Party Girl

We love Carrie best amongst all our readers. Not only is she a party girl with a charming predilection for promiscuity (really, the best kind of party girl!) and who likes to shake a peach-perfect bottom to sultry grooves, but she’s officially on record as being willing to give us her digits if we ever met her in the middle of a line of blow at a sparkling metrosexual bash. Not only that, but unlike most of you complainers, she only writes us when a company treats her right. She’s an effervescent pixy and we wish this shrill, bitter site had more readers like her.

Following her last missive to us, in which she lauded service at the hands of Beatnik Bags, she shot us an email telling us about Crunch Gym’s excellent service when she was misbilled. Not only is Crunch Gym a fitness center that encourages attractive party girls like Carrie to strip naked in the interest of aerobics, but they acknowledge their mistakes and try to set them right. Good on ’em.

Carrie’s email, after the jump:

Howdy Ben and John!

This is carrie, I previously sent in a story about the sweet bag I purchased from Beatnik Bags, and was delighted by your interpretation of my swinging partying ways. Rest assured, you would totally get my digits if I encountered you at a party, even if I didn’t have a head full of blow 🙂

My story today is another shockingly positive consumer experience. I’ve been a member of Crunch Gym for a few years now. Who can resist classes like Cardio Striptease, Booty Kickin’ Step, and Bikini Bootcamp?

When reviewing a recent credit card statement, I noticed that Crunch had accidentally charged me twice for my monthly fee (in the lovely suggestive amount of $69) but that there was also a credit back within a day of the overcharge in the same amount. I gave it barely a moments thought. They’d obviously had some minor accounting glitch, noticed it immediately, and rectified the situation.

About a week later, I get a letter in the mail from Crunch. I open it up, and am pleasantly surprised to see a sweet letter from them acknowledging their mistake, assuring me it had been taken care of, and offering me a coupon that I could either use to give a friend a free month of membership at Crunch, or it could be used to give myself a free month. WTF? I have to say I am totally in awe of a company that is so dedicated to customer satisfaction that they went out of their way to apologize for a minor error that I had hardly noticed, didn’t actually affect me financially, and which I had made absolutely no complaint about. Dang, dude! I’m totally going to take them up on it, and spend the $69 I saved on more blow for my snort sack! Bravo, Crunch.

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