UPDATE: Time Warner Pays Inexplicable House Call

Dan Edelman gives us an exciting update on the mysterious, TWC tech that visited his house two days ago, without notice and for no apparent reason.

His turboed executive customer service call (which we helped him achieve, thank you very much), went from Terri (customer care advocate), to Barry Rosenblum (Executive Vice President, Operations, Northeast Region) to Tom Allen (V.P. of TWC security of NY and NJ).

Allen said he’s opening a case on the situation. More than just looking at job numbers, he can cross reference assigned techs and territory and see if someone was out of place. Edelman say Allen gave him his personal line and “was really nice and helpful.”

Adding, “I think at that level they realize the seriousness of it…the possible lawsuitiness.”

Dan had to run off to a lunch meeting and promises more details later. While we wait for him to finish his pastrami, read our full IM convo inside.



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