Armor of God PJ’s

Heathens that we are, we’re late to this story (gawd, so Andrew Sullivan is above us on the tip stream?) but we like religious themed sleepwear too much to ignore it out of pride, which is a sin, btw. One of the seven deadly.

“Inspired by Ephesians 6:10 – 18…The whole Armor of God Pajama set will help your children to depend on God to protect them from their fears, doubts, and uncertainties at night so their sleep can be restful and peaceful.”

Wish we had these as kids. As we grew older, these thoughts dissipated, but our sleep was always disturbed by anxieties over the salvation of our eternal soul. Then there was that rough patch around 13 when concerns over it escaping our body during nocturnal emissions kept us up at night. The priest told us there was nothing to worry about and to please go back to sleep, he had a big day tomorrow.

Complete sets, for boys or girls, yours for $39.95 at Armor of God PJ’s. (Thanks to Beth!)


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  1. njsykora says:

    Think for a second, would your kids wear that?

    At the same time, would you pay 40 bucks for it?

  2. Triteon says:

    Seriously…”Free New Testament with EVERY PJs order!”
    There’s no joke there, just pilin’ on the horror.

  3. homerjay says:

    So Mel Gibson’s got a clothing line out now, huh?

  4. Clampants says:

    God forbid he who has a nocturnal emission…

  5. phelander says:

    Ha ha…priest jokes are SO FUNNY. You know what would be even funnier…saying it was Allah that was jerking off the kid.

  6. Clampants says:

    And the perfect bedtime reading!

    “I just hope he comes, like, during the day and not in the middle of the night because, like, I’ll be SO EMBARRASSED if I have to go to heaven in my pajamas.”

    Ah ha! Not so…!

  7. AcilletaM says:

    I think you are perfectly protected by by the zip-up, footy pajamas.

  8. Triteon says:

    The word “breastplate” is on the site…isn’t that word forbidden?

  9. Ben Popken says:

    Phelander, that would be funnier, but untruthful. I was that kid and Allah was most definitely not in the room. Please check your facts before making scurrilous accusations.

  10. Smoking Pope says:

    Wow, you are late to this story if I beat you to it. And I have a productive day job, to boot.

    Anyway, why do I get the feeling that these two kids will be running a cult out in the boonies one day?

  11. aka Cat says:

    Smoking Pope — judging from the dopey look on the boy’s face, the girl will be the leader and the boy will be her enthralled lackey. (Although she may let him think he’s the leader.)

    I actually would have liked this when I was a kid. Except I would have demanded the boys’ version — since when does a helmet look like a freaking wedding veil?!

  12. AcidReign says:

    …..I’d have been bummed if I had to wear those. My grandmother made me several sets of custom-Batman PJs, and I also had a Johnny Unitas suit. I’d have not given those up easily!

  13. Ishmael says:

    I think we’ve got an open, abandoned compound or two that might just do the trick, Smoking Pope…

    The more I look at the picture, the more I see a dumbfounded boy and a devious girl. Kinda fits with that whole “Eve was the evil one” thing some people push.

    Oh, and Ben? Quit revealing facts about your personal life. You become scarier each time you do. :)

  14. mistress smarty says:

    Ha…comments are making me snork again! Another new keyboard, dammit.