Time Warner Pays Inexplicable House Call, Consumerist Helps

Dan Edelman, a loyal Consumerist reader, was shocked to hear a Time Warner Cable tech visited his apartment yesterday. Odder than the difficulty in getting one to show up in the first place was that the tech wasn’t asked for. No service call was put in. His cheetos slathered roommate let the guy in without an explanation. The tech puttered around for 20 minutes and left.

When Edelman (pictured) heard about this, he raced home to find out if anything was stolen. Upon inspection, nothing seemed amiss, but the mystery remained. What was this guy doing there?

There’s two possibilities we can think of:
1) A TWC tech has gone buckwild.
2) Someone in Park Slope is impersonating a TWC tech and casing people’s joints.

To find out, Edelman began questioning Time Warner customer service. They were no help, so he started IMing us with advice for how to conduct his calls. We walk him through, live…

Follow along our exciting IM journey, inside!



Stay tuned for the next installment in this scintillating true customer service crime!

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