Camp Stove Runs Completely On Innuendo

This instruction booklet for the MSR Whisper Lite gets pretty hardcore in its murmurings.

[via Slog] (Thanks to James!)


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  1. Seacub says:

    Wow! Reading that makes me feel kind of….tingly inside.

  2. c13 says:


  3. Jesse in Japan says:

    Oh, yes. Oh, yes! Oh, yes!!! Aaaahhhhhh. I totally pressurized that fuel bottle.

  4. Sir Winston Thriller says:

    You like that Pump Cup. You like Daddy’s Big Pump Cup, don’t you Boy?

  5. Morton Fox says:

    I was wondering what’s next after the Oozinator. Well…

  6. Dude, saliva?!?!

    What kind of instruction manual tells you to use saliva? It’s like it’s on purpose!