Monday Morning Reader Round-Up

It’s likely to be a slower paced week here at the Consumerist. We’ll still be posting, but it won’t be quite to the volume you’ve come to expect. Ben is taking the next couple days off to lounge about inflating his beer belly in the Hamptons, and working half-days the rest of the week. I, on the other hand, will be spending much of the week in the Netherlands, exchanging kusjes with fly honey-haired Dutch girls.

So with Popken in the throes of lethargy and me in the throes of Hollander passion for much of this week, we need your tips more than ever. As always, we’d like to hear your complaints, to give them the attention they deserve. Your triumphs, so we can give credit where credit’s due. Your pleas for help, so we can get our savvy readership on the case. And if you’ve got an idea for our t-shirt contest, send that our way too!

Last week’s reader stories, after the jump:

Don’t Get a Kidney from Kaiser
Sierra Mist Ad Develops New Meaning Post 8/10
EXCLUSIVE: Taco Bell Hot Sauce Pic, Corrections
Insurance Insurance Only For Insurance Companies
Terrorists! Apply Directly to the Forehead!
Turns Out You CAN Get Insurance Insurance
CIGNA Changes Mind About Paying $9700 Surgery Bill
$100 For A New Bank of America Account
Clever Gambit For Debating CSRs
eBay Feedback Destroys Businesses
Fight the Robot Revolution! Get A Human!
Old Strokey Brownlee Ponders HMO Billing Obfuscation
UPDATE: Outside Pride Lawncare Hates Faggy CBS
Reader Gets Scammed For $1000’s in Bogus Magazine Subscriptions
UPDATE: Outside Pride Lawncare Hates Faggy CBS
AOL: “You’re Fired For Doing Your Job. The Lawyers Were Listening.”
AOL’s Data Release Bothered People So Much They…
UPDATE: Boiled Walmart Baby
Sprint Charges Customer For Calling His Own Voicemail
Outside Pride Lawncare Hates Faggy CBS
UPDATE: Backyard Burger Wayyyy Too Friendly
Whorehouse Gives Great Customer Service

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