Samsung A920’s Continuing Trials: Video & Pix

So you may have noticed posts stopped around 12:30 today. That’s because after taking our blog union mandated lunch break, we noticed a gorgeous day out the window. So we took our bike and did a buncha laps around Prospect Park. When we exited Grand Army Plaza, we found about 50 cop cars lined up, ready to perform some kind of neat coordinated operation.

What a perfect opportunity to test out our Sprint phone’s ability to take on-the-fly movies and pictures!

Our product and service critique, inside.

The pix came out pretty well, 1286 x 966 at 72dpi.




We were totally ready for it to suck but the Samsung A920’s video camera is not that bad. We recorded several 30 second clips no problem, at 176×144.

Not sure what is up with that static stabbing, though. That wasn’t there before we uploaded it to YouTube.

Emailing the media from the phone to ourselves was a cinch.

We don’t know how this compares to other cellphones. Gizmodo can probably tells us about 50 other far superior models but this is the one we got and it works pretty darn good in our humble opinion.

Thank you, Samsung A920. For a free phone, you’re not that bad!


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  1. homerjay says:

    By we you mean you, right Ben?

  2. Ben Popken says:

    No, I flew Brownlee over from Ireland and we got on the tandem.

  3. Ben Popken says:

    Good thing we don’t live in Philly: “Man Arrested For Shooting Photo Of Police Activity

  4. priznat says:

    I still mourn the loss of the Chevy Caprice.. Look how lame modern cop cars have gotten!

    Bring back those beasts! And the Ford Crown Vic!

  5. homerjay says:

    Good God! If there was ever a use for the ACLU (an organization that I loathe) the guy in that article has found it.

    They’d better be on this like ooze on a young boy instead of wasting their time defending pedophiles.