Prusakolep: Kill Cockroaches on LSD

After that sleazy Joe Francis story, I think we all could use a burst of sunshine to break through the clouds of our thoughts. So I’m pleased to call your attention to this commercial for Prusakolep… the best commercial ever made. It views like a lost scene from Skidoo, featuring kitchens and schooners overrun by cockroaches… not to mention the most captivating and apropos synthesizer rendition of La Cucaracha ever recorded.


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  1. dH says:

    Don’t forget to check out these funny hungarian videos from the old socialist era:

    (also it’s very futuristic :)

  2. dH says:

    Also FOBIZAN is a gem:

  3. jb says:

    What I find fascinating is the “G” in the Grand Pol logo at the beginning and end of the ad is done up like an American flag.