Save 20% At Gawker Shop

Now that the heat wave has broken, celebrate your return to wearing clothes with a new shirt from Gawker shop, now $4 off.

All orders are priority mail, with no additional shipping costs. T-shirts are printed on American Apparel threads, because we believe in stuff.

Turn old memes into ironic fashion statements, for only $16. Cheap!

Gawker Shop.


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  1. RandomHookup says:

    I would consider ordering, but does anyone know if their customer service is any good?

  2. mactbone says:

    6$ shipping? USPS charges that much?

  3. Scott Kidder says:

    Hi mactbone —

    USPS Priority Mail is expensive, and then we pay fees to our fulfillment company. We cover most of those fees ourselves, but the shipping cost helps defray that.


  4. Ishmael says:

    Broken heat wave? What broken heat wave? It’s still 105 here. I’d call that a fuckin’ heat wave!!

  5. Ben Popken says:

    A cold front passed over the Northeast coast last night.