HOWTO: Get Actual Customer Support From Time Warner Cable

After three months without internet and numerous failed calls to Time Warner Customer support, Mike happened to overhear a rep mention the term “L3.”

L3 refers to “Level 3” tech support, the level at which the reps actually know how to fix problems. They can do more than simply tell you to turn your modem on and off.

On his last phone call, Mike asked for L3 and was patched through immediately.

He says, “The L3 agent who responded spent about five minutes with me troubleshooting before telling me I needed a new modem. He set up the time and place I could pick it up, and even gave me a refund for the three months of non-service.”

If you have a seemingly irresolvable Time Warner Cable connectivity problem, asking for L3 may do the trick.

Just don’t tell the laminated binders, they suffer from low self-esteem.