US Airways Hires Temps to Beat Back The Riot

The flood of complaints cometh for US Airways. A mountain of angrily worded, capital-letters writ correspondences, accompanied by suggestive stewardess voodoo dolls and the bleating, decapitated heads of voodoo-possessed pigs.

US Airways got complaints. So many complaints that they’ve put out an appeal on their internal bulletin boards begging for dozens of temps to come in and respond to over 7,500 complaints for $8.50 an hour.

And no wonder. US Airways received more complaints filed in May with the Transportation Department than any other airline. Common complaints include frequent-flier account screw-ups and an impenetrable, unnavigable website.

$8.50 an hour to beat back a maddening crowd? Slinging greasy burgers looks better and better.

US Airways to Tackle Complaints [Washington Post]


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  1. Pelagius says:

    US Airways should make Andrew Williams their VP of Customer Service:

    “People who have been in the business longer have more
    understanding and can better respond to customer concerns,” says US
    Airways frequent flier Andrea Williams of New Hope, Pa. “I wonder how an 18-year-old who was just hired by the airline can actually respond to my issues.