Hungry? Eat a 419 Scammer

If you’re sick of receiving investment opportunities from princesses and dying cancer patients, you may enjoy

There, the webmaster and site participants bait, foil and frustrate email scammers. Elaborate death threats and getting the flimflammer to send embarrassing photos are regarded as trophies. In some cases, the 419eaters even got money.

The site offers plenty for the voyeur as well as a substantial community devoted to developing new scambaiting talent. Be advised, scambating can be very dangerous if done carelessly. These people are criminals, thieves, kidnappers, even murderers.

All the more reason to make them send you a picture with a bread loaf on their head, right?

The 419 Eater. (Thanks to Phil!)


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  1. Papercutninja says:

    this is one of the greatest sites of all time.

  2. creamsissle says:

    After finding the large archive of stories and letters on this site, my productivity has plummeted to a new low.

  3. DeeJayQueue says:

    my funny is still buzzing.

  4. something_amazing says:

    Consumerist is a bit late on this site, but for those interested 419 eater perpetuated the great story of the “Church of the Red Breast” which was carried widely. It’s worth doing a search because it’s one of the all-time greatest scambaits where a nigerian has to take pictures of himself wearing red body paint in order to “join the church” before our “preacher” will send him money.