Empire Who’s Who Service Gets Imperial

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A reader writes:

A reader writes:


I need some tips to help me out of a bad situation.”

Joanie wants to cancel having her membership in the Empire Who’s Who directory. Company rep Daniel Gray is being a real jerk about it. She wants our help. Read her letter and our suggestions after the jump…

I recently was called to sign up for the Empire’s Who’s who directory. I was called on my cell phone sent a crappy invoice with no terms or conditions. I went ahead and sent in my cc information (I know my first mistake). However, when I tried to cancel the membership and have my money refunded, they are telling me they recorded the conversation and that I can’t back out of an already processed transaction. Well, they didn’t deliver the FedEx materials as promised the following day. As I am sure the recorded conversation promised.

I received a phone call from a guy named Daniel Gray telling me that I can’t get my money back and I can’t change my mind to cancel my membership. It sounds like a Seinfeld Episode. He tells me he is going to get his tech people to find the recording and he isn’t refunding my money because of the no refund policy. This is NEWS to me. Then he keeps asking me why, why, why. . . . Why do you want to cancel? Why do you not want the membership, What do you not like our company. I told him, the lack of detail to addresses which was wrong in the shipping area, and I couldn’t put my finger on it, but now I would have to say the RUDE, ATTACKING Manipulating style of selling he is forcing. I told him he was the worst sales person ever and to please let me speak to his manager. She is unavailable and he won’t get her on the phone. Then I ask him if this phone conversation is being recorded, he said no. I asked why not, and he couldn’t answer. I replied is it so your boss can’t hear how belligerent you are to the customer. I then told him I would notify my university and other women owned businesses to notify them to not use their services. He told me that I couldn’t slander their company or I would have a law suit against me.

God, I wish this message was recorded. Then you could post it to your website.

What should I do next when he calls me again? He has called me twice today and supposedly his manager is to call me. I stood my ground and didn’t hang up because I wasn’t going to give in. He kept asking me what was the problem and I told what the problem was and then told him that he was the problem as well with his belligerent attitude and being the worst sales person. He asked again, why? Because he broke the first rule, keep the customer happy. He told me I was the one that had an attitude since before he even called me. I actually have been in an outstanding mood until I had to talk with him and then I listen to what he has to say and I am quite on the phone. . . I guess this is being rude. He was the one in the beginning of the phone conversation raising his voice when he told me the membership has been processed. I replied I guess I will speak to my attorney general about the situation. He acted childish and quickly retorted, “If that’s what you want to do.”

What should I say next time?

Sounds like someone is a little over eager to protect his commission.

Tell him that you are recording him. Then record him. You might find his tune changed. Secondly, don’t wait for him to call you. Call Empire yourself (which is now merged with Cambridge Who’s Who, btw). A quick perusal of the website shows a Robert Sullivan – Director of Billing at (516) 742-7907 extension 219.

If they behave similarly to Daniel, by all means report them to the BBB and the Attorney General. That’s after a little call to your credit card company to initiate a chargeback.

Good luck.