Welcome to The Butter Trough!

In a delicious confluence of form and function, The Butter Trough of Atlanta, GA is the world’s first fully advertising supported restaurant.

The bread is free. The tea is free. The superheated molten butter is free. All the while, ads play from tabletop speakers, TV sets and the scattered “butter trough multimedia displays.”

Don’t miss the kids’ butter-skimming contests.

“Twice hourly, the supply of butter in The Butter Trough is refilled,” boasts the website. “For your enjoyment, our farm clad employees slop the super heated butter into the butter trough so that you can enjoy it at its most liquid consistency. You are encouraged to bring your ButterSkimmer

brand Butter cup to the trough and Dip In!”

A recent visitor noted that though it had a 60 foot trough, he doesn’t know if he’ll go back, “the other customers were very.. strange.. “

The only question is, will the ads play in our coronaries subsidize the cost of the bypass?

The Butter Trough (Thanks to Amy!)