Cingular Wants Us To Take Their Documents Down

We just received a note from Cingular’s legal department.

They want us to take down their internal documents we posted. The items contain information about how they use a customer’s “long term value” to decide if and what discounts to offer them if they try to cancel service.

Get ’em while you still can, folks.

Knew all those anti-Cingular posts would come to trouble.

With a capital T. And that stands for telephony!


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  1. A MUSIC MAN reference? How gaytarded.

  2. Rick Dobbs says:

    I love it when the corporation itself adds validity to the document that incriminates them.

  3. Can you post the “note” or is that internal Cingular dirt too? I agree Rick, Cingular’s wish to remove these documents only validates their presence.