Monopoly Eschews Cash For Easy Credit

Times have changed. We no longer climb into an iron, a top hat or the rectum of a cast iron Scottish terrier to hop around Atlantic City. The Boardwalk costs significantly more than $400. And Mr. Moneybags (god rest his soul) would be more likely to be strutting around in a head-to-toe Adidas vinyl jumpsuit covered in bling than a top hat and tails.

So Monopoly is no longer the ultra-realistic simulator of real estate and financial affairs it once was. Consequently, Hasbro is releasing a special version of the game where all of these laughable anachronisms are purged. The biggest change? You won’t use money anymore; you’ll use a credit card.

This is apparently ultra-realistic. We are assured by Hasbro real human beings don’t carry cash anymore. “For a $3 purchase, I use my debit card,” says Krisi Lee, Monopoly Enthusiast. We assume Krisi Lee is just crazy.

In the interest of Hasbro’s vaunted attempts at Monopoly realism, it’s worth putting in perspective how much going around the board nets you now: 2 Million Pounds. That means Boardwalk costs 4 Million Pounds. We may be incorrect here, but while Krisi Lee’s daily Beefaroni allowance may well be put on her debit card, we doubt that many multi-million matters of high finance are conducted with a swipe of a piece of plastic through a debit machine’s buttocks.

New Monopoly Game Uses Debit Card, No Cash [Raw Story]

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