Monopoly Eschews Cash For Easy Credit

Times have changed. We no longer climb into an iron, a top hat or the rectum of a cast iron Scottish terrier to hop around Atlantic City. The Boardwalk costs significantly more than $400. And Mr. Moneybags (god rest his soul) would be more likely to be strutting around in a head-to-toe Adidas vinyl jumpsuit covered in bling than a top hat and tails.

So Monopoly is no longer the ultra-realistic simulator of real estate and financial affairs it once was. Consequently, Hasbro is releasing a special version of the game where all of these laughable anachronisms are purged. The biggest change? You won’t use money anymore; you’ll use a credit card.

This is apparently ultra-realistic. We are assured by Hasbro real human beings don’t carry cash anymore. “For a $3 purchase, I use my debit card,” says Krisi Lee, Monopoly Enthusiast. We assume Krisi Lee is just crazy.

In the interest of Hasbro’s vaunted attempts at Monopoly realism, it’s worth putting in perspective how much going around the board nets you now: 2 Million Pounds. That means Boardwalk costs 4 Million Pounds. We may be incorrect here, but while Krisi Lee’s daily Beefaroni allowance may well be put on her debit card, we doubt that many multi-million matters of high finance are conducted with a swipe of a piece of plastic through a debit machine’s buttocks.

New Monopoly Game Uses Debit Card, No Cash [Raw Story]


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  1. heathalouise says:

    So, does this mean you can no longer cheat by being the banker and sneaking yourself a couple of extra $500 bills?

  2. bambino says:

    Honestly, I haven’t used a bill of cash in at least two weeks. Maybe more. Point is, spring chickens like myself pretty much use only plastic now. The only time I withdraw cash is when I go to the bars because of their stupid minimums on credit cards. Yes, yes, I know it’s illegal to charge a minimum on a credit card, but do you really feel like arguing about it with the dim-witted bouncer at 2am?

  3. Mr. Black says:

    Now will these peudo-credit cards have magnetic stripes? If so, that would mean the card reader is writing data to these cards…let the hacking begin folks!

  4. thrillhouse says:

    Could be worse. At least its a debit card and not a credit card. Then you’d be seeing a lot of backlash.

    I was really hoping to see a consumer advocacy POV from consumerist on this one. Instead they are entranced by a new shiny object. Make no mistake – what you are seeing here is a paid ad for Visa inside of your child’s boardgame.

    Its not rocket science to design and build up card swipes and magnetic cards. Any number of small companies could have done this in a very cost effective mannor. But I’ll bet that none of them were willing to give the stupid things to PB. Don’t think for a second that Visa didn’t may millions on top of that in exchange for that logo in the corner.

    They’ve pulled this crap before with kids toys, its not new. What they are doing is building brand loyalty at a very young age and emphasising the idea that “this is how you handle money”. With “this” being a Visa card.

    And as was touched on – real estate is not bought on plastic. If done right, its done in cash.

  5. Hooray4Zoidberg says:

    I agree with bambino, I don’t use cash for anything over $10 with the exception being a round of drinks at the bar. Even then I’d prefer to use a card if they didn’t always want to start a tab and hang on to the card. It’s very easy to forget about that at 2am after drinking all night and I hate returning to the scene of the crime to retrieve my credit card the next day.

    It costs me money to get cash through the ATM if I don’t use my bank. As it would seem there is never a branch of my bank around when I need cash. Thus it’s cheaper and easier to use the old debit card.

  6. Seth L says:

    It’s Rich Uncle PennyBags, dammit.

    I lost a heated trivia game on that one.

  7. GenXCub says:

    After reading the comments, I must just be “old” at my age of 31. I use cash for a lot of purposes. I don’t expect everyone to use cash as much as I do, but I firmly believe that there are certain places where using your credit card is annoying.

    When I’m in line at a fast food place (Sweet Tomatoes out here in Vegas), nearly EVERYONE is busting out their card to pay for their $7 lunch. If it were more like gas stations where you just scan and go, I’d forgive it, but waiting for the register jockey to swipe the card, wait for the approved message, wait for the printout, then wait for the signature… couldn’t you have spared some time in my life and just whipped out a $10?

    In actuality, to me, the dollar amount is irrelevant. I associate the swipe and sign with types of purchases, like sit-down restaurants, retail shops, etc. When you’re getting your 30 tacos on your post-bong munchies binge at the Jack In The Box, and I’m right behind you (on the same binge probably), save us a little time.

  8. Morton Fox says:

    So the game will now require batteries for the card reader? Yet another downside.

  9. bifyu says:

    sheesh. why not replace the dice with a random number generator while they’re at it.