Love’s Labor Lost, Thanks to American Airlines

When Ra K. broke up with his girlfriend, he wasn’t just torn away from her sweet caresses… he also lost nearly a grand, all thanks to American Airlines.

    So I book a flight to Boston on August 2nd back in early June, and lo and behold, my girlfriend and I break up two and a half weeks before we’re to go to Boston and see all of her family. I had booked on a Citibank companion certificate, and so I worried that if I changed my flight I’d put her out of the flight. The agent making the changes, Kim Rogers, assured me that our tickets had been separated and that now I was fine to fly to New York the day after my girlfriend flew to Boston, and that there were going to be no problems with her flying either.

    Well, I tell my (now ex-) girlfriend that she’s fine to fly and she checks her ticket to be told that she can no longer fly at all. I called, was hung up on once, went through several different people before I finally talked to a Supervisor who simply said “no way” and wouldn’t help make this work. I finally had to just buy a ticket for her separately, even though it was their CSR who messed up, and now I’m out $1000+ for a simple flight from LAX to JFK.

Ra, you’ll never get satisfaction from American Airlines. But might we suggest a Darren L. Sherman stratagem here? Just bill your ex-girlfriend. Send her a nice note with a copy of your credit card statement: “You checked in your luggage, you ate the complimentary peanuts, now pay your bill.”


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  1. What the hell is a Citibank Companion Certificate? Is that like Itchy and Scratchy money? Not to be insensitive, but anything involved with Citibank is almost guaranteed to involve your ass having a pineapple shoved up the hard way.

  2. Hooray4Zoidberg says:

    If your going to use the Darren Sherman approach, don’t forget to constantly remind her to “do the right thing”.

  3. e says:

    And here I inferred from the title of the post it would be about Love Field.

  4. creamsissle says:

    I’m so bitter about my exes that I’d change my flight only to ensure that their plans were screwed up.

    Kudos to you for having more heart, though. :-)