Cingular Sics Debt Collectors On Innocent Customer

An AT&T customer, Chris upgraded his plan after the merger with Cinuglar. A week later, Cingular sent him a bill for $300, an “early termination fee.” Welcome to the neighborhood, indeed.

After 2 weeks of phone negotiations, Cingular agreed to waive the fee. They also sent Chris a $100 bill for service, the monthly amount Chris expected to pay. He paid the bill. However, during the wranglings, Cingular turned over his account to a collection agency.

Despite being told the bill was paid, the agency has been phoning Chris in threatening tones for the past two months. Chris is on his third attempt at trying to get Cingular to call their dogs off. “It appears that once unleashed, their collection agency is not controllable,” he writes.

Chris plans on joining the class-action lawsuit against Cingular.

Hey Chris, check out our posts (1 and 2) about dealing with debt collection agencies. If Cingular won’t put Fido down, maybe you can.

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