• In its heart of hearts, TimeWarner knew that the relationship was going to work out. [Life Regurgitated for your Chewing Pleasure]
• The last time we saw a roof treated this badly, it was host to a Bloodhound Gang party. Drat you, Home Depot. [MyRoof]
• You just don’t mess with a Vegas bachelor party like that. [Complaint Hub]
• Doteasy breaks man’s blog software, insists for 20 days that rather than them fix it, he should just change to a different program. [iKnowWhatImDoing]
• Ah, this is great, the wife of a Marriot employee, a smoker herself, chimes in on the hotel’s smoking ban. If only she didn’t have to say, “If a person wants to kill themselves they should bring innocent people down with them.” [HotelChatter]