FCC Investigates Calls From a Stranger

The second of two blows dealt this week to the Miami telemarketers autodialing people’s cellphones and trying to scam them. It seems the FCC is actually looking into the matter. All it took was a few months, Verizon to file an injunction, and a few gajillion consumer complaints, like those by reader Chris.

After filing a complaint on the FCC website, he figured it would be lost in the apparatchik. But now, the FCC is emailing him and asking specific questions about the calls. Sweet. As in sweet vengeance, that is.

Check out their note, after the jump…

Delores xxxxxx
3:05 pm (6 hours ago)

Dear Mr. Gibson.

This is in reference to the April 7, 2006 complaint you filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding message(s) received on a cellular telephone line in Spanish from 786/879-6669.

The FCC’s Enforcement Bureau reviews and collects data regarding alleged violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and we came across your complaint recently.

We are hoping that you can provide additional information to be associated with your original complaint. Therefore, please respond, electronically, to all the information requested below:

What month and year were the prerecorded call(s) received (please give the exact date if you can remember it; if not, the month and year are sufficient)?

Were the messages artificial/prerecorded calls? If you had a conversation with a live person, was the call preceded by a recorded message?

Was the telephone number where you received the prerecorded message transferred from a wireline (landline) to a wireless telephone? If so, when?

Please provide any names and telephone numbers referenced in the messages and/or any names or telephone numbers that were obtained from your Caller ID equipment.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and I hope that, if needed, I can contact you again, for additional information and/or a signed declaration, regarding your complaint.

Delores xxxxxx
FCC, Enforcement Bureau
Tel: 202/418-xxxx
Fax: 202/418-xxxx


Anyway, thank heavens I have a Treo – I’m going to dump the exact dates, times and phone numbers of ALL those bastard’s calls to me! I’ll keep The Consumerist updated with any further info I hear back from the Men in Black
at the FCC.



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