Spanish Tele-Scammer’s Pinata Busted by Verizon

Back in April, we were obsessed by a Miami telemarketing company scamming people, in Spanish, on their cellphones, using a robotic autodialer. After pounding the e-pavement, our efforts to angle in on the bastiches fizzled, since we were neither a telephone company processing the calls, nor an aggrieved recipient, we couldn’t do much about it, except advise people to report it to the police. Just last week we received a few complaints.

So then, this AP wire item gladdened our hearts:

    “Verizon Wireless has obtained a permanent injunction blocking a Miami telemarketer from making automated calls to its customers, the cellular phone company said Thursday.”

Great! Only five more pinatas to go!

Read the back story in our “Calls From a Stranger” thread.

Verizon Blocks Cell Phone Telemarketer” [AP] (Thanks to Alan!)

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