IKEA: Like Design, Life is Cheap

It used to be that owning IKEA just meant enduring some Fight Club barbs. A new product recall threatens to take away your ability to even turn the catalogue pages (which you read just for the articles).

IKEA is being forced to recall the LYCKSELE Chair Bed and Sofa Bed. Fingers can become caught in the folding mechanism of the chair bed/sofa bed, posing a laceration and/or amputation hazard. One consumer has already lost a finger tip when operating the folding mechanism.

Folding Chair Beds and Sofa Beds Recalled” [CPSC] (Thanks to Lisa!)


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  1. Falconfire says:

    Umm no.

    They are providing safty covers. nothing is actually being recalled based on the article.

    Chairs sold since July have them, the older ones dont.

  2. comedian says:

    The first two times I read the product name I read it as LYCKSELF and
    though, “Damn, it would need to fold up in some pretty interesting ways
    to live up to that name.”


  3. mark duffy says:

    Suddenly, I have no hankering for Swedish meatballs.

  4. That is a cheap piece of furniture! It doesn’t even come with a cushion.