UPDATE: Comcast Censors Critical Nightline Story

Reader Jason reports that a fishy cut of last Friday’s Nightline was also heard in their podcast of the show. Listen here. Missing on both the internet-over-tv service and the podcast was a segment containing an infamous clip mocking the cable operator.

“I was listening to Friday’s podcast this morning and I noticed the exact awkward cut that you specified: the Nightline segment cut out shortly after the Comcast technician was mentioned…Martin’s last segment was also cut off and the podcast ended before the usual closing music. “

If Comcast is still watching this space, well, here’s another piece of media for you to get repaired.

Adding Jason’s observation to the statements given by Comcast’s and ABC’s PR offices, it appears more likely that the omission was due to an ABC technical error, rather than as deliberate Comcast censorship. Certainly if it had been censorship, it certainly wasn’t handled very smoothly. However, the resulting outcry proves that there’s a lot of people out there pissed at Comcast. Multiply seven missed appointments times several hundreds of thousands of subscribers… and that sharpening of kitchen knives gets pretty loud.

UPDATE: Comcast Censors Critical Nightline Story
Comcast Censors Critical Nightline Story

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